5 Side Business Ideas You Can Start as a Full Time Worker in Africa

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Africans have experienced one of the most difficult times economically, the recession that has lingered in many parts of the continent has had devastating effects on our people. But rather than stating already obvious, what is the way forward? In this article, I’ll share five business ideas you can start on the side.

1. Writing, Proofreading, and Editing Services

If you’ve been around the internet for any significant amount of time you would have come across a saying; content is king.

It’s true.

The internet is made of content and someone has to create that content. As a full time worker, you can conveniently make a decent income online by helping people create, proof-read or edit their content. To get start started, sign up with a freelance website (eg freelancer.com), complete your profile and start bidding for jobs.

The most exciting part of this is that you can do this freelancing business on the side from the comfort of your home using the power of the internet.

2. Driving for UBER.

Do you have a car and don’t mind picking up people for cash every now and then? Then you can consider driving for UBER. This business allows you to work at your convenience – when and how you want to work. Visit their website and read up the details to see if this suits you.

3. Buy and Sell Used Items Online

There are people who are constantly changing their items. Used items like phones and electronics sell really well. You can be on the lookout for people who want to sell used items around you and negotiate for a good deal. Take the same items and resell for a slightly higher price and you’ll be making a decent profit.

The interesting part is that you can get started from home. Simply sign up on one of the classified sites (they’re usually free) and do both your sourcing and selling from there. A good site to start with is olx.

4. Start a Blogging Business

Blogging is a good business you can start on the side without having to invest so much money at the onset. To get started blogging, you first need to decide on a topic you’re passionate about. I started a blog where I help young graduates looking for advice on how to start a business in Nigeria because I’m passionate about the subject.

It is important that you start a blog in an area that you’re passionate about so that you don’t run out of drive and lose your enthusiasm before you start earning any money from your blog.

5. Start a Baking Business

One side business idea that you can start as a full time worker is to start a baking business. There’s a constant demand for baked snacks because people like to use cakes, meat pies and other snacks for different occasions. If this is something you’re good at or even interested in, you should consider doing this. Take only weekends for a start.

Hope you found these ideas helpful?

Now go and implement these ideas, learning alone will not do you any good – action will.

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