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12 Takeaways from Nigeria’s June 12

Reflecting on this day, Wole Soyinka stated that “June 12, 1993, was not just a date; it was a watershed in Nigeria’s political history. It was a day that showed.

Africa Day: The Importance of Amplifying Positive African Stories to Transform the Narrative

The annual commemoration of Africa Day on May 25 is an opportunity for companies doing business on the continent to reflect on their achievements, particularly in terms of aligning with.

Harry and Meghan’s African Legacy: A Royal Couple’s Commitment to the Continent

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, have captivated global audiences with their dynamic approach to royal duties and their commitment to humanitarian causes. Among the.

ALM’s POTY 2024: Honouring Africa’s Finest!

The anticipation has been palpable and here we are finally at The 12th African Leadership Magazine Persons of the Year (POTY) Awards Ceremony, in the prestigious Ethiopian Skylight Hotel in.

Spotlighting the Ancient Wonders of Egypt

From the decipherable Pyramids of Giza and the majestic Sphinx to the busy metropolis of Cairo and the serene waters of the Red Sea, Egypt offers a journey through time.

African Art Unveiled: A Journey of Diversity

From the rhythmic beats of drums to the intricate patterns of traditional attire, Africa’s artistic landscape is as varied as its people. A rich fusion of cultural diversity unfolds in.

Cultural Festivities: Exploring African Family Traditions at Yuletide

The Christmas holidays are a very important season in Africa that many look forward to. Though, from one country to another on the continent, there are variations in styles of.

Epochal: Africa’s Record-Holding Leaders of the continent

A significant facet of Africa’s political landscape lies in the enduring tenures of its leaders. In the tapestry of the continent’s history, a handful of individuals have etched their names.