Though it is generally agreed that leaders are made and not born, it is also agreed that there are a number of natural qualities that most great leaders inherently possess.  Even in children, you can spot some of them―skill sets that have not been learned by training, schooling, or experience over time.  Below are seven:

  1. High E.Q. — They are friendly, encouraging, and concerned about other people’s well-being.
  2. Unselfish — They are not afraid to give away something they like if someone else really needs it.
  3. Old souls — They think beyond their age, exhibiting traits and behaviors normally found in grown-ups.
  4. Inquisitive — They are lovers of learning. While other children are given to playing, they are given to reading and discovering new things.
  5. Self-sufficient — If you leave them alone for more than an hour, it won’t bother them. They can play on their own for uninterrupted periods of time.
  6. They think for themselves — They are not afraid of having their own opinions, even if they differ from that of adults they respect.
  7. Natural leaders — They are always taking the initiative. Other children naturally follow them.