8 Proven Steps to Starting a Revolution

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Do you have a yearning to make things better?  A burning desire to change the world and make it a better place?  Do you dream of uniting people to achieve this crucial objective?  If the answer to all of the questions above is yes, then you dear reader, might need to start a revolution―a movement bringing about fundamental or drastic change over a short period of time.

“But how do I do this?” you might ask.  “I’m just a nobody.”

Look no further: below are eight proven steps great revolutionaries have taken in the past to bring about necessary change.

  1. Have an inspiring message. There is nothing more powerful than an idea, especially an inspiring one.  More potent than even a virus, once it has taken root in a heart, it cannot be cured.  Planting inspiring messages in souls is the easiest and quickest way of bringing about a revolution.  Like seeds once nurtured, they grow.
  2. Refine the message. Make it simple and appealing so that it connects with people’s deepest passions.  If your message only takes root in minds, you have them temporarily; if it takes root in hearts, you have them enduringly; and if it takes root in souls, you have them everlastingly.
  3. Find your audience. Find those who identify with your message.  If you have fairy tales, your audience is children; if you have the knowledge, your audience is scholars; and if you have wisdom, your audience is sages.  It is easier to sell worms to a fish than meat to a bird.  Involving the right people goes a long way to ensuring that you get the right results.
  4. Convince your audience. Tailor your message to suit them.  No matter how important your message, if it is not customized to captivate your audience, you will lose potential converts.  If you want to catch fish, you have to give them what they eat.
  5. Turn converts into disciples. Indoctrinate them.  The stronger their certainty, the stronger they will be when faced with doubt, fear, and naysayers.  And, the greater their conviction, the greater the exploits they can accomplish for you.
  6. Equip disciples to become Evangelists. Teach them to spread the message.  Equip them to win new converts.  Instruct them on how to handle objections and rejection.  The more knowledgeable about your message they are, the more convincing and successful they will be.  They will win over to your movement not only ordinary men and women, but also luminaries, such as renowned athletes, scholars, politicians, and aristocrats.
  7. Support and encourage evangelists as they bring new converts. Winning new converts is not easy, even for seasoned marketing gurus.  Without support and encouragement, your team of evangelists may burn out quickly and slow down the movement’s growth.  Daily motivation is crucial to keep it growing.
  8. Repeat the process. Find your audience.  Convince your audience.  Turn new converts into disciples.  Equip them.  Encourage them.  Send them out to win more new converts.
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