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…ABLA presentation ceremony to hold on 6 July 2023 at House of Lords, UK

Portsmouth – United Kingdom

28 April 2023

The African Leadership Magazine Group is pleased to invite nominations for the 13th edition of the prestigious African Business Leadership Awards (ABLA), the continent’s frontline recognition event, which holds annually to reward exceptional corporate practices and outstanding achievements in the African business landscape, as well as contributions to Africa’s socio-economic growth and development.

The African Business Leadership Awards (ABLA) is in keeping with the African Leadership Magazine’s tradition of presenting the sides of the continent’s leaders and businesses, which hardly find placement on global media platforms – celebrating exemplary business leadership on the continent. The ABLA awards recognize business leaders, visionaries, institutions and innovators who have contributed to and shaped the economies in Africa, as well as leading businesses that are making outstanding contributions to Africa’s economic development while serving as a force for good through their CSR and community development outreaches.

The 2023 edition of the African Business Leadership Awards (ABLA) comprises 16 distinctive categories, which are open for nominations and would also be open for voting by the general public. The winners of each category of ABLA shall be presented with an award trophy and formally decorated with the instruments of honour at the 8th edition of The Africa Summit, which has been scheduled to hold at the House of Lords, London, United Kingdom on July 6th, 2023. Participation in the presentation ceremony is open to all winners and is strictly by invitation.

The call for nomination is the first stage in a 3-step points-based selection process that includes: firstly, a call for nomination; secondly, a call for voting of the shortlisted nominees; and thirdly, the editorial board’s final review of the nominations and vote entries – using supporting evidence and voting considerations in their final decisions for the winners of the African Business Leadership Awards (ABLA).

The selection process timeline is as follows:

1. Call for Nominations: 28 April 2023 – 6 May 2023.

2. Voting for shortlisted nominees: 6 – 20 May 2023

3. Editorial board review & Announcement of Final winners: 20 – 21 May 2023.

The 16 categories for nominations are therefore below:

1. AFRICAN BUSINESS LEADER OF THE YEAR. This award recognizes the exceptional business leader whose vision, innovations, and management abilities have helped steer his company successfully in both his home country and in the global marketplace, driving growth, and providing leadership in Africa’s COVID-19 response to date.

2. AFRICAN FEMALE BUSINESS LEADER OF THE YEAR. This award recognizes exceptional leadership and managerial skill in a female business leader, who despite stiff competition in a male-dominated world, has shown resilience, courage, and sagacity in building a worthy brand.

3. AFRICAN REGULATOR OF THE YEAR. This Award recognizes a government regulatory agency for its effective regulatory framework or policy initiatives and programs, implemented across national or regional levels. That encourages action beyond compliance with applicable laws, enhances stakeholder engagement, and contributes to the growth of the National or Regional/States Brand through the practical impact on the people.

4. BUSINESS FRIENDLY GOVERNOR OF THE YEAR AWARD. This award recognizes a state or Regional governor who has been able to drive investment into his/her state/region, remarkably increasing the commercial activities of his state /region since the assumption of office.

5. AFRICAN FINANCE MINISTER OF THE YEAR. This award recognizes an outstanding finance minister who through strong fiscal policies, has enhanced the national economic outlook and supported the growth of businesses despite looming challenges.

6. TRADE & INVESTMENT PROMOTION AGENCY OF THE YEAR. This award recognizes and celebrates the outstanding achievements of trade & investment promotion agencies, as well as special economic zones in realizing and advancing development strategies, promoting and facilitating foreign direct investment for the sustainable development of their respective countries.


The Central Bank Governor of the Year award recognizes those who have led their countries’ economies through what has been another tumultuous year and have been able to stimulate growth and stabilize their macroeconomic environment, thereby boosting investor confidence.


This Award recognizes an African Trade & Investment Minister, whose innovation; hard work, and success can be seen in an increased flow of FDIs, enhanced export capabilities for their local products in reaching new markets through the increase of the volume and impact of exporting their local products or services.


This Award recognizes top CEOs who by dint of hard work, business savvy, and outstanding managerial skills are building strong pan-African brands, creating jobs and shared prosperity for their stakeholders and our communities.

10. YOUNG BUSINESS LEADER OF THE YEAR AWARD. This award recognizes a young African business leader, 40 years of age or below, whose outstanding business successes and verifiable business journey have made them role models and inspirational success stories in the marketplace.

11. AFRICA CSR & COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT IMPACT AWARD. This award recognizes businesses whose profits have been effectively channelled to impact their communities through their corporate social responsibility contributions to the arts, education, environment, and community development, making a societal impact a corporate priority.

12. AFRICAN BRAND OF THE YEAR. This award recognizes the exceptional African Brand that has proven sustainability of brand essence and identity, with verifiable distinctiveness, originality, and a deep loyalty base.

13. AFRICAN COMPANY OF THE YEAR. (Bank, Telecoms, Airline, Manufacturing, etc.): This Award recognizes companies who have made a mark in their industry sectors through uncommon customer service, innovative products offering, community impact or technological offerings, and concrete societal impact.

14. INDUSTRY PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR (ICT, Banking, Telecoms, Aviation, Retail, Business, etc.). This award recognizes the individual whose vision and innovations have become drivers of growth in particular industry sectors and permanently impacted the way of doing business in that particular sector.

15. AFRICA BUSINESS INTEGRITY LEADER AWARD. Open to organizations who have consistently done business with integrity in line with globally acclaimed best practices, with strict adherence to extant laws, governmental policies, and regulatory frameworks.

16. LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD. This award recognizes and honours the business leader who has, during his or her decades-long career, made significant contributions to shaping, growing, and developing the economic landscape.

How do I make a nomination?

Nomination for anyone, some or all of the categories may be sent through the following channels:

1. By email to

2. By direct messages (DM) to any of our social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn using the hashtag #ALMABLA.

3. By post to our head office address below, no later than May 5th, 2022.

Nominations should clearly state the full names of nominees and the category of nomination and should be accompanied by supporting evidence in the form of documents, online links, videos, etc. Nominations should also have the contact details of either or both the nominating person and nominee so contact may be made for supporting evidence of claims if needed.

Who can make a nomination?

1. Africans and friends of Africa from across the globe

2. Self-nomination is allowed.

3. Organizations can also make nominations.


The Africa Business Leadership Awards (ABLA) Selection Committee

African Leadership Organisation

Portsmouth Technopole

Kingston Crescent

Portsmouth PO2 8FA

United Kingdom
































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