ABSA Collaborates with Key Players To Boost Digital Partnership Across Africa

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One of the largest financial service providers in Africa, Absa Group, has stated its intent to strengthen the efforts necessary to grow its digital partnerships ecosystem across Africa as it engages key Organizations, HYBR and SystemicLogic, to identify potential collaboration partners.

According to the Group’s Digital Partnerships Ecosystem Lead, Andrew Davies, the Organization intends to leverage collaboration with innovative partners across the continent.

“We believe in the substantial mutual value that is created by connecting with key local, regional and global ecosystem networks that have extensive activities on the continent across multiple industries. HYBR and SystemicLogic’s skillsets and networks will augment our efforts to connect and collaborate with Africa’s innovators and entrepreneurs,” he said.

He noted that the Group had its eyes set working with start-ups that have innovative tech-based solutions which could ultimately be scaled and deployed to benefit its customers. An Absa Digital Partnerships capability was established in 2020 with support from global collaborator Elixirr to create the strategy, operating model, and execution capabilities to collaborate effectively with innovative, mature start-ups from around the world.

This capability has enabled Absa to set up, mobilize and deliver a digital partnerships ecosystem through which the Group now continuously sources collaborators to innovate with and rapidly co-create new value propositions and capabilities that align to business objectives. With a notable combined reach, the three scouting partners boast networks and memberships within the African and global start-up environments.

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