AFRIMA Organizers Fix Date For 2022 Show

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Organizers of the 2022 edition of the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA), said the event would be held from 8-11 December with a presentation of more than 40 awards across the continent.

Though the host nation had not been announced yet, the categories would cover diverse music genres and creative expressions ranging from the classic to the traditional and the contemporary.

This was revealed via the AFRIMA website. It reads, “The Awards ceremony, scheduled to commence from 8-11 December; 2022 with a welcome soiree, activities like the AFRIMA Music Village tour, Africa Music Business Summit, and the exclusive AFRIMA nominees’ party.

“The four-day event would feature a fiesta of music, glitz, and glamour aimed at celebrating Africa, with the grand finale being the Awards ceremony itself, which would be broadcast live to more than 80 countries around the world.”

President and Executive Producer, AFRIMA, Michael Dada in an interview with the Press said; “Our culture as Africans is rooted in music that uplifts; inspires, motivates and unites us.

“AFRIMA has always been a showcase for the best African talent, and APO Group will help us introduce that talent to a new audience.

“These events are focused on the development of the African Arts and Culture sector, with both the AFRIMA International Committee and the African Union Commission focused on boosting the development of African economies.”

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