America’s Choice for President: What Are the Consequences for Africa?

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A combination photo shows U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (L) and Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump (R) in Los Angeles, California on May 5, 2016 and in Eugene, Oregon, U.S. on May 6, 2016 respectively. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson (L) and Jim Urquhart/File Photos

A combination photo shows U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (L) and Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump (R) in Los Angeles, California on May 5, 2016 and in Eugene, Oregon, U.S. on May 6, 2016 respectively. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson (L) and Jim Urquhart/File Photos

Kenneth Nkemnacho/ Contributor

The eye of the world is currently in one direction; the US election. Many are watching with concerns, just like it happened in the case of Brexit to see how America’s citizens will make their decisions. This is because any decision made in the US has a global effect, as it cascades down the world. Experts in different fields all over the globe are ripping every lid off the policies of both candidates, and taking a close examination of not just the technicalities of what is written but also with microscopic magnification, attempting to look into the intents and other hidden motives. It is such a sensitive time in the world where the sovereignty of a nation isn’t enough excuse to mute the concerns of everyone when it comes to general elections. The world has moved on, but it appears like the direction it goes isn’t too palatable – terrorism is tearing the world apart, the economic situation has become unpredictable; even entertainments such as sports haven’t been spared as there have been accusations and counter-accusations of corruptions and drug-induced performances to the extent of state-sponsored drug cheating coming into the open.

In the global socio-political and economic environment, the world has become networked – what happens in one nation affects and determines what goes on in the others. And that is why economic indices react when there is crisis or gains in one of the elements of its network. In this network, each nation has its percentage strength – the amount of strength determines the amount of impact. America; the world’s biggest economy, the strongest military and the most influential political might, without controversy possesses the highest percentage strength in the world’s network of nations. And for this, everyone is keenly interested in how it navigates especially in choosing who heads her affairs for the next four to eight years.

Donald Trump first appeared to everyone like a joke when he declared his intention to run for America’s presidency. Today, we can all see that it is no longer a child’s play; it is for real, and if America decides, the man may be the one sitting in White House to make decisions for not just his nation but the world in general. What are the consequences for Africa?


US president Barack Obama poses with African leaders

Political Consequences

In the committee of nations, Africa’s political influence has been feeble due to a combination of factors – corruption, self-style democracy that perpetuates narcissism, disrespect for the rule of law, partisan nepotistic manipulations especially the target of perceived political enemies, and blood thirsty civil war lords who defy common sense logics to propagate endless rivalries. These deep-cuts have for years dwindled to a large extent the power of Africa to persuade the world that she has come of age. As the few with credibility manage to steer our boats out of the storm of doubts over our preparedness to toe the line of progress, those who from their dubious hearts hate Africa increase our brouhaha. For years, many of our enemies have pretended to be our friends; not a handful came out like Donald Trump to declare their hardcore hatred for this great continent. Someone who dislikes us, and does not pretend about it, will hurt our little known political influence. As we strive to soar and make things right, he will stand in our way together with the racial hypocrites who never had the boldness to expose their color-crazy mentalities. Some people say he didn’t say it, but in all social media, it is widely spread that Trump thinks black people are lazy, and he was so emphatic in saying, “laziness is a trait in blacks.” And some other time, he said, “black guys counting my money! I hate it…” He was also very categorical in vehemently stating that African-Americans youths have no spirit. How can a man who sees nothing good in a black represent a black interest? Never!

Political influence drives economic development. For instance, in spite of all the rhetoric against China and accusations of its human rights violations, the west still go visiting and in direct and indirect terms appeal to China not to abandon them in the area of investments. China is bound to listen and put aside all criticisms leveled against her because nations with political influence have big economic markets and power.

Donald Trump will never represent Africa or the black race, and I pity those who think he will. He’s been blunt about his political ideology and no one should call him a clown because he’s a man of conviction and knows in totality what he’s doing. If he jettisoned decorum and without apology or fear of losing a whole demographic vote say his mind, only a fool will think he doesn’t mean it. The truth is that he isn’t mad; he knows what he’s doing, and feels highly motivated to do it.

Economic Consequences

It isn’t a secret that some African nations survive on foreign aids. It is sad to know, but that is an established reality, although, as shameful as it may be. Even the so called Africa’s richest nations still stretch beggarly hands to collect stipends from the west. In addition to foreign aids, Africa does not have the expertise to process its wealthy raw materials. We sit on gold but still buy gold. We have so much oil but can’t process it. America influences to a large extent the nations that get the aids. With Trump, how will those nations survive? You may say that it will make them more innovative. I accept, but before innovation, how will they survive?

It is time for the continent to start looking beyond standing on the high streets of London, Paris and Washington to beg for survival. If our leaders have a vision of genuinely developing our nations with the very little we have, it might take a tough while, but we will gradually come out of lameness and start taking steps towards our destinies. With clear cut visions and purpose, we wouldn’t need the world to feed us before we feed ourselves – we will have more than enough to eat and leftovers to export. All we need are committed leaders with no recourse to self aggrandizement. We can shut dumb Trumps up if we have the gift of shame to come to the consciousness that enough is enough. The interest of the dumb Trumps is to keep us in continuous economic comatose – with fainted hearts and crippled economies, we will remain slaves forever.

Religious Consequence

As at 2014, about 53% of Africa’s population were Muslims, and for Donald Trump to propose barring all who belong to the religion from entering the United States is uncalled for. No one is in support of terrorism, but stopping all Muslims from getting into the U.S. is an invitation to unnecessary fracas. The world has seen enough violence, and there isn’t a need to detonate an already heated polity. Donald Trump has a penchant for inciting disaster, and doesn’t care if he perishes in it. Religion is the most sensitive part of man’s anthropology, and trying to tickle that area can result in implosion, with the end result being explosion. Anyone who does not take into account this fact is either from outer space or mentally recessive. Donald Trump isn’t from outer space, so I leave you to make your conclusion.

Previously, Trump had suggested that all mosques in the US be put under surveillance and that there should be a database for all the country’s Muslims. These religious selective discriminations are invitations to stirring up innocent minds that initially wouldn’t be attracted by the antics of ISIS. Comments like this create a conviction in the hearts of Muslim Youths that the brainwashing conclusions of Islamic fundamentalists are right. This does not in any way help Africa where religious and inter-tribal wars easily escalate.   

Gender Consequences

In Africa, the culture of male-gender superiority still exists. As the continent moves towards more social orientation, the need to promote gender equality in all aspects has become a must. Trump is American, and from one of the most civilized nations in the world – albeit, he disrespects women and thinks they’re simply bedroom materials. If he doesn’t, how come Esquire wrote this, “The Washington Post has obtained new video of Donald Trump speaking in incredibly lewd terms about women. The clip, leaked from unaired footage of an Access Hollywood segment ahead of a Trump appearance on the soap opera Days of Our Lives, features the current Republican candidate and Access Hollywood host Billy Bush discussing a female actress they are about to meet on the set. Trump discusses kissing and groping women who he’s just met, which he can do because he’s “a star.”

During 1992 Entertainment Tonight Christmas segment filmed at the Trump Tower, according to, ‘Trump was shown talking to a group of girls around age 10, at one point in the video Trump asks a 10-year-old girl if she’s also going up the elevator, before turning to the camera and joking, “I’m going to be dating her in 10 years. Can you believe it? No. No, I cant.”’

Yes, it’s a joke, but from time after time, it’s been proven that that man means everything he says. Many times, he’s been given opportunities to refute what he says, but at such times, he even makes more controversial statements. A person with no respect for our mothers can’t be our friend. A person who disregards our children and plans to date them when they’re ten years older, without making reference to how he will help them have better education can’t seriously be our friend. When I see some African-Americans cheering him in his campaigns in spite of him making derogatory statements about them, I wonder the kind of minds they have, and how they apparently disrespect themselves. When I see those black preachers put their hands on him and pray to God for him to win, I wonder which God they’re praying to. For the sake of money, some people have sold their consciences. No wonder the love of money is the root of all evil!

How did we get here?

Trump’s supporters are poorly informed voters, and according to Washington Post, he has a large number of disciples from skewed male, white and poor voters. He built his support network on playing on the weakness of those with racist inclinations. In addition, he uses his bluntness and arrogance to paint a picture of an honest person, yet, he isn’t. Recently, the New York Times published an article suggesting that Trump may have avoided paying tax for almost two decades. He refused to deny or accept the allegation, and also refused making public his tax returns. He rode on the back of hate to capture the Republican Party candidacy. There are some American whites who feel a black man mustn’t rule them, and no matter how Obama tries, they just wouldn’t accept him simply because he’s African-American. This demography is prejudiced and racist – no amount or type of sacrifice can appease them. Donald Trump understands this very well, and he knew he could rely on the idiocy of these people with dead brain cells and somehow manage to swing his way through. His calculations so far have worked out very well, and only God knows how far they will continue to work.

Trump believes that controversy creates cash. Everything he does has egomaniacal motives. He doesn’t care whose wings he clips or rides on, isn’t bothered by whose money he spends, and doesn’t mind what he spends it on. He spent about $250, 000 of charity donations in settling his legal disputes and also used some to buy six-foot tall painting of himself. Trump University was a fraud – it was not accredited and had unqualified teachers where one of them was a jewelry salesman who taught real estate course. A man who claims he can and will rebuild America’s economy ran up a debt of over $3 billion in the early nineties, and in the past lost a whopping $916 million in a single year at his casino that allowed him to avoid paying federal taxes for about eighteen years. Trump doesn’t stand for small businesses – he refuses paying them for most jobs they do for him and for this, he had over 4, 000 lawsuits against him.

A man with the above resume definitely wouldn’t do Africa any good. America’s choices have an overall consequence on Africa. We cannot decide how the election goes, but we can now begin to x-ray how things will pan out after the election independent of who wins.

Am I a fan of Hillary Clinton?

I have never been a Hillary Clinton admirer and wouldn’t ever be because I feel she knows too much, and have been in government in different capacities for ages. Hillary Clinton is one of those that think they have the intrepidity to dictate for Africa. I dislike her gut, her too-know attitude and her audacious dig into Africa’s affairs, but that being said, we have on our hands a case of two evils. Who would we prefer? In making a preference, we must plump for the one with lesser demons. This is where Hillary comes in. Trump with his legions of uncontrollable variables wouldn’t help Africa. Hillary can easily be exorcised but it would take over eight years and beyond to cure Trump of what has manacled him. By the time we’re done, the damage is already done.

Lessons for Africa

The world may be itching to see who emerges after Barack Obama, but in spite of who emanates, she will move on. The question is, “can Africa move on?” Those who move on are those who have developed themselves to be truly independent. Independence isn’t about calling for self governance; it is more about economic independence. The world may be interdependent in terms of international trades and other multilateral agreements, but to be a main player, you must have structures and infrastructures that other nations need, as your contribution to the world economy. If all you do is sell raw materials, without the expertise to process your natural blessings into finished products, you are seriously speaking, a very dependent nation despite your so called sovereignty. If Africa was a main player, Trump wouldn’t insult African-Americans. If Africa was a main player, there would be less racism against our color. A race with economic power, infrastructural development, quality educational system, and good and respected leadership system isn’t easily insulted. The outcome of America’s election is of dire consequence to us because, to a large extent, we depend on them. If we jettison corruption, have a vision to build Africa, and go ahead to do all the talk, we will damn all the consequences of external influence on our destiny. Until then, we will have to keep praying that a true friend of Africa emerges in this forthcoming election!



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