An overloaded truck carries bales of rice stalks

The government of Angola has placed certain development strategies to prioritize the agricultural sector for economic development. The government hopes to achieve a robust agricultural economy by the end of the year.

To this end, a sub-unit of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry was formed to be in charge of developing best solutions to subsidizing fuels for the agricultural sector.

Details about the unit were disclosed in a national meeting with businessmen from all over the country related to the sector.

According to the cabinet official, who presented the vision on the development of the agrarian sector, he said that the various strategies including the delegation of the unit are based on the specific orientation of the President of the Republic Angola, João Lourenço.

The minister stressed the great importance to improve the credit system for the business sector and re-evaluate the agricultural insurance, which he considers “fundamental” in the strategic vision of sector.

Other basic improvements implemented and considered by the Minster as important includes; the repair of secondary and tertiary roads and electrification of the main production areas.

“Let’s start with two to three poles and bring energy to certain farms that are extremely productive,” he said.

He also claims that the meeting has formed a new directive to the work plan of the sector and changes will be noted.