Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka Sponsors Surgeries for 120 Nigerian Kids

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Nigeria-born British footballer, Bukayo Saka has teamed up with charity organization BigShoe to cover 120 life-changing operations for children in Kano, Nigeria.

The Arsenal star, whose parents both come from Nigeria, teamed up with the charity to help change the lives of the children who were all suffering from diseases such as inguinal hernias, umbilical hernias and brain tumours.

Saka joined forces with the charity BigShoe – which has been backed by the likes of Paul Pogba, Mesut Ozil and Philipp Lahm – to support children in Kano, the second-largest city in Nigeria.

“For me, it’s important, you know, that every child has the same opportunity to achieve their dreams and if I can do anything to help, like the surgeries, you know, I really want to do this. So yeah, it was very important to me to do this,” Saka said in a video shared on BigShoe’s Twitter account.

“It makes me very happy, especially when I see the kids happy, I can see their parents are happy and, you know, they can go on with their futures and achieve their dreams and have every right to do it. So yeah, I’m happy and I just want to do more and more and more to help as many children as I can.

“You know, I don’t think this was about me, it was about, obviously, the 120 children. So, as long as we satisfied them, this was more important and I think we did. So yeah, I’m happy. I just feel like it’s about finding the right platform and trusting the right people to deliver this for you, and I’m happy I found you guys, BigShoe, and you helped me to deliver this project. Together, BigShoe, our goal is to help the children.”

The Arsenal winger is currently in Qatar with England preparing for their opening World Cup 2022 fixture against Iran.

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