AUE-CELD Make History, Signs MOU to Offer Full Ride Scholarship to Female Students

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The United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres, once said,

“Now more than ever, we must renew our commitment to work together so that girls enjoy and exercise their rights. And can play a full and equal part in their communities and societies. Investing in girls is investing in our common future.”

In the same vein, the Centre for Economic and Leadership Development (CELD), in view of fulfiling its core mandate of bringing true and enduring empowerment to women at various levels, circumstances, cultures and tribes; whilst defining the theory and practice of inclusive leadership and education for the youth and the various societies, has partnered with UAE’s top education provider, the American University in the Emirates (AUE) to foster the educational development of girls. Especially young women who may not have been able to afford high-quality education.

10 African countries Benefit from The AUE-CELD Higher Education Scholarship for Girls 2023

The prospective beneficiaries of the full ride scholarship scheme will be selected from 10 African countries. The Middle East, South America, Asia, and the Caribbean.

This amazing initiative was disclosed recently by the Executive Director of the Centre for Economic and Leadership Development (CELD), Dr Mrs Ibifuro Ken-Giami. While delivering the opening remarks during the AUE-CELD Higher Education Scholarship for Girls 2023 Virtual Kickoff themed: A Shared Vision- Partnerships for Girls’ Education in the Global South.

In her words,

“I am thrilled to welcome everyone to the AUE-CELD Higher Education Scholarship for Girls 2023 MOU signing and project kickoff. As our funding partner, the American University in the Emirates, Dubai UAE, has committed to offering full scholarships to 10 female students into their bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. Through the Center for Economic Development as their implementing partners.”

“This AUE-CELD, the Higher Education Scholarship for girls, primarily aims to address the fourth sustainable development goal. Which is focused on ensuring access to quality education; this project’s aim specifically aligns with aspects of the focus of the CELD. Which is to ensure access to free, equitable quality education for girls especially, including accessing scholarships for young people from developing countries” she said.

She also highlighted the project’s uniqueness relative to the organization’s previous or existing projects. In the sense that it exactly targets high-performing girls and women. Or young women from different parts of the world who do not have the financial capability to afford graduate or post-graduate level education. And that this full ride scholarship is not only targeted at girls. But also a small selection of young men to intentionally accommodate gender diversity and inclusion.

“Therefore, today, the American University in the Emirates (AUE) makes history and impact in shaping the future of 10 students, mostly young women and girls who may not have been able to afford access to high-quality education. Not to mention an international education that will provide them with the required knowledge to compete favourably with their peers in different spheres. And all of these lofty and novel projects and project deliverables are made possible by an amazing “HEforShe champion” the President and CEO of the American University in the Emirates, Professor Muthanna Abdul Razzaq,” she added.

CEO of the American University in the Emirates: Professor Muthanna Abdul Razzaq Speaks On The Full Ride Scholarship

In affirmation, Professor Muthanna Abdul Razzaq expressed his unwavering support for women. He said thus,

“It is our honour really to sign this agreement with you, women on this planet, need help. For us, women are more than 50% of our community, so we have to prepare them to prepare the next generation in the right direction. So, this is what we believe. We have three Vice Presidents who are women out of four of our people in key positions. So 75% women, only one man, because women are dedicated and very professional. They meet deadlines and work very hard regardless of their many responsibilities for their family and children.” Prof. Razzaq noted that 50%, 30%, and 40% partial scholarships are also available at the AUE under this scholarship scheme to encourage students and help them meet their unique financial situations. This objective will be achieved very soon,” he said.

Dean of the College of Business Administration, AUE: Professor Asma Salman

In the same vein, the Dean of the College of Business Administration (COBA) at the AUE, Professor Asma Salman, an educational elite who has helped facilitate all the briefs about the AUE-CELD full ride scholarship scheme, also affirmed that AUE is ready for this movement.

“There will be scholarships that will be given partially to the beneficiaries. We have seven colleges, ten graduate programs, twelve undergraduate programs, including the College of Business Administration, where I am the Dean; is the largest college at AUE. COBA is one of the nine universities in the UAE which is accredited by the premier American accreditation, AACSB, College of computer information technology accredited by ABET and College of Design by NASAD,” she explained.

“Having said that, we are proud to be part of this initiative as well as part of driving the UN SDGs, of which out the 17 of them at least two of them SDG 4 (Quality Education) and SDG 5 (Gender Diversity), will be tackled. Other than that, the diversity, equity inclusion and also the partnership for the goals, which is SDG 17 also conforms to that.”

Answering the question on what the layout is going to be, she said,

“We are going to see through what you had mentioned earlier in terms of eligibility of these young students through our Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Services, which is Ms Nisrine Rannak who is going to actually spearhead this project, as well as to see in which specializations these students will be awarded these scholarships. Because they also become the ambassadors for such programmes and take them further.

“As we have discussed about the time and in a span of about two to three years, these scholarships will be disbursed including partial scholarships over these number of years. The countries that are involved include all of Africa, part of Asia, South America, and so on. We will go through the eligibility process, and the winners will be awarded these scholarships. The main idea remains girls/women education and empowerment. But how do we do that, of course, with knowledge and education being at the forefront. So, this is a little bit of what it is about and hand in hand, it will be implemented at the AUE,” she concluded.

Other esteemed team members of AUE also expressed enthusiasm, support, and willingness to participate in this project.

Professor William Cornwell, The Provost of the AUE

Professor William Cornwell, the Provost of the AUE, said, “This is really a wonderful opportunity for the university. We are very committed to women’s education, their talents and potential, and the development of women around the world. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to work with an outstanding organization with connections through Africa, South America, Asia, and other places. So that you can help us identify people with real potential to make a difference after their graduation in their communities, their families, business, non-governmental organizations, and so forth.”

“It’s interesting, and it’s our pleasure that we are collaborating with the Center for Economic and leadership development. I’m sure that this collaboration is long-term and mutually beneficial. We strongly believe that together we can realize the UN Sustainable Development Goals, especially goals 4 and 5, because we strongly believe in quality education. And especially, we also strongly believe in the DEI initiatives, which are diversity, equity and inclusion. So, we look forward to a close and fruitful collaboration with the Centre for Economic Leadership Development.” Professor Abhilasha Singh, the Vice President for Academy Affairs, also assured.

The American University in the Emirates is a coeducational undergraduate and graduate institution that awards degrees. And is dedicated to fostering in its students a sense of global citizenship that will enable them to pursue their career goals. And continue their education throughout their lives.

Also globally, the Centre for Economic and Leadership Development (CELD) sees itself as a thought leader and catalyst in developing the theory and practice of leadership. With the overall mission to promote the advancement of disadvantaged children and youths. Through projects to reduce poverty, worldwide cultural exchanges, better capacity building programs, and young leadership development programs across the world.

In appreciation, Dr Mrs Ken-Giami recognized everyone in attendance, “Thank you very much, everyone, for coming. On behalf of the International Advisory Board of the CELD, I thank you for coming and being part of this AUE-CELD Higher Education Scholarship for Girls’ project kickoff and MOU signing. Our special gratitude goes to the President and CEO of AUE and his amazing team members. We are very grateful for the magnanimous investment in educating girls and young women across developing countries, especially where they need this the most. We are optimistic that this project will deliver true and enduring empowerment for all the beneficiaries.”

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