Brand South Africa: Redefining National Branding & Image Making

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United Kingdom
July 21, 2022

In line with its mandate of telling the right story about the country and changing warped misconceptions about the Rainbow Nation, Brand South Africa, the country’s foremost brand and image management company has continued to up the ante in its management of the country’s image, both locally and globally.

Brand South Africa was created with the mandate of inspiring pride, patriotism, social cohesion, nation building and positive change in South Africa. Brand South Africa has continued to bring to life and share how South Africa is consistently ‘Inspiring new ways’ through each of its communication pieces and in every campaign.

Over the years, Brand South Africa has continued to deploy innovative approaches toward showcasing the uniqueness of the country. One of such innovations is the annual Nelson Mandela Leadership Series, which has become a platform for evaluating progress made by leaders across the globe and how Nelson Mandela’s legacies can help shape a better world for all of us.

This year, Brand South Africa organized the Webinar, titled Leadership through the Lens of Nelson Mandela: Lessons for Today’s Global Environment, as part of activities to mark the 2022 Nelson Mandela Day, held annually in July to commemorate the UN declaration, celebrating the leadership legacies of the great Nelson Mandela.

The webinar was organized by Brand South Africa in strategic partnership with the African Leadership Magazine UK. It had speakers drawn from the political and diplomatic communities, including Lord Peter Hain, a Member House of Lords, Baroness Sandy Verma, a member House of Lords, Pumela Salela, UK country Head, Brand South Africa, Kingsley Okeke, Group Managing Editor, African Leadership Magazine U.K. In their responses to the discussions, Dr Liaqat Alli Azam, CEO of Leading Like Mandela Leadership Institute, and Dr Thelela Ngcetane-Vika, of Traversing a Leadership Avalanche, took turns to underscore each speaker’s contributions and how it relates to the prevailing challenges confronting the world.

The webinar, which is designed to celebrate one of Africa’s most extraordinary leadership exports-Nelson Mandela, is organized in partnership with the African Leadership Magazine U.K.

Nelson Mandela is an asset to South Africa, Africa and the world. This event helps to therefore remind leaders across all facets, including governments, civil society and business, that leadership is all that matters in critical times.

The webinar also explored how leaders can draw inspiration from Nelson Mandela’s leadership style and apply it to business, civil society and government. They will reflect on how they view leadership through the lens of Nelson Mandela.

About Brand South Africa

Brand South Africa is the official marketing agency of South Africa, with a mandate to build the country’s brand reputation to improve its global competitiveness.

Brand South Africa’s primary focus is to develop and implement proactive, coordinated marketing and communications reputation management strategies for South Africa. Our main objective is to market South Africa to domestic and international audiences, positioning South Africa as a competitive investment destination and inspiring and instilling active citizenship amongst South Africans.

Over its two decades of Nation Brand building, Brand South Africa has collaborated with incredible South Africans whose triumphs have made the world watch in awe.

Its campaigns have profiled achievements that were alive with possibility and subsequently, inspired new ways. In launching the new Nation Brand tagline in 2012, the CEO of Brand South Africa at the time, Miller Matola said, “Inspiring new ways is an overarching country position for South Africa relating to everything we do and what we are including our people, our culture and heritage, tourism, exports, governance and investment and immigration. At Brand SA, we want to inspire all South Africans to play a role in shaping the future of our country.

Brand South Africa has gone on to position South Africa as a prominent standing feature at the World Economic Forum in Davos which went on to enhance awareness of the country’s Nation’s Brand identity, image and competitiveness. In 2016, the inaugural Nation Brand Forum emerged as a platform to positively influence the Nation Brand’s reputation through stakeholder collaborations. From time to time, Brand South Africa has also willingly supported fellow African nations in the development of their Nation’s Brand institutions and strategies.

About African Leadership Magazine:

The African Leadership magazine is published by African Leadership (U.K.) Limited a company registered in the United Kingdom. The magazine focuses on bringing Africa’s best to a global audience, telling the African story from an African perspective; while evolving solutions to peculiar challenges the continent faces today.

Since its maiden edition, African Leadership Magazine has become a leading pan-African flagship leadership-focused publication read by over 1 200 000 targeted international investors, business executives, government policymakers, and multilateral agencies in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, Europe, and the U.S. It is distributed at major international and African Leadership events around the world.

The magazine has over 1 000,000 subscribers/Followers on Facebook and a virile readership on other social media platforms. It is a niche and unbiased African voice born out of a desire to tell the African story from an African perspective by focusing on individuals and corporates known for their legacy-based approach to leadership.


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