COVID-19 – Ghanaian Business Leader Support’s Rural Communities During Mandatory Lockdown

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As major cities across Africa implement the lockdown measure to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus, the welfare of the people remains a major concern on the continent. Businessmen, major industrialists, international and multilateral development organizations and many more have made some major contributions and set up schemes to help the seemingly dire situation the continent faces with COVID-19 pandemic. 

The situation has been no different in Ghana as the mandatory lockdown commenced on March 30, in an attempt to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. With the limited availability of social services in the country, local communities in Ghana have had to rely on the generosity of individuals, churches, and businesses for necessities such as food, water, and supplies. Ghanaian business leader, real estate developer, and industrialist, Nana Kwame Bediako who is also known as “Freedom Jacob Caesar”,  has committed both resources and supplies to thousands of vulnerable families in some of Accra’s poorest neighborhoods.

Less than 24 hours before the city’s lockdown began, Freedom along with his team, visited 4 locations in Accra which included Independence Square, Jamestown, Dansoman, and Alajo to distribute food and other essential supplies to the community.

“The Corona Virus pandemic is having a devastating impact on communities around the world–physically, financially as well as psychologically. People are becoming more fearful by the day especially those in the informal sector, and others who have no one to turn to for help to feed their families during this 14-day lockdown. As much as they need food and water, they also need hope. I wanted to let them know that they are not forgotten. That no matter what happens, there are people like me, from their community who care and will always be there for them and that help does not have to always come from outside,” says Freedom, whose charitable initiatives also include the New Africa Philanthropic Foundation and work with Opportunity International.

Nana Kwame Bediako (AKA Freedom) is the founder of the Kwarleyz Group, an umbrella company which encompasses Wonda World Estates, Petronia City Development, New Africa Construction, and Belfast City & Property Management, a portfolio that has designed and developed over 500 residential and retail units along with a 50-acre industrial and technological city currently under development in Ghana.

As an additional effort to support in the battle against Corona Virus, the Kwarleyz Group is in negotiation to pledge one of its premier properties, Number 1 Oxford Street, a 5-star luxury serviced apartment, as a quarantine location, isolation center, temporary hospital or safe place for nurses, doctors, and other medical personnel should the need arise.

“We are hoping that the disease does not affect more people in Ghana. But should the need arise, we are preparing to work with government and health organizations to utilize No 1 Oxford Street Hotel and Suites as a center to house victims and/or medical personnel. We invested over $50 million to complete No 1 Oxford Street which recently opened in January but I am moved to offer the property to be used for good, to help my people during this crucial time,” added Freedom.

Kwarleyz Group has been a leader in the luxury-inspired design trend happening in Ghana’s evolving real estate and hospitality industries. During Ghana’s Year of Return Tourism initiative, Freedom and his properties served as both personal host and preferred residence for celebrities and luxury enthusiasts visiting Ghana such as Naomi Campbell, Idris Elba, and Jack Ma

No 1 Oxford Street

He states, “My mission is to utilize my voice, influence, global network, and resources to build a unified African continent starting right here at home in Ghana, known as the gateway to Africa. I am dedicated to lending my support in Ghana and throughout Africa, if needed, during the lockdown and beyond which will not end with the donations we distributed over the weekend. I am continuously looking at more ways to give back and to inspire hope for our future,” adds Freedom.

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