Darkness amidst Light in Africa

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By Stephen Lazi Akhere, Ph.D

In a Palaeolithic era, light was graciously sort for and was gotten through modernity. God Himself hates darkness with perfect hatred. Hence, the first thing He did in the creation of the universe was ‘Light’. Since then till now, light has being a prerequisite for socioeconomic growth and technological development.

Most developed and developing economy of the world invest so much on energy source to drive their socioeconomic activities. More advance economy of the world took years, first to develop or better put it, sort for economic power in energy sourcing. The world in a bid to constantly enjoy uninterrupted power supply had invented diverse energy sources, beginning from geothermal energy which was first used by North Americans about 10,000 years ago and hydro energy, discovered in 1829 by an American called Allan Pelton in the 18th century. While Coal energy as man’s earliest source of heart and light 3,000 years ago in the 16th century, with the first commercial mining in Richmond and Virginia in the year 1748.

In a bid to expand possible usage of other sources of energy, the Egyptians discovered windmill energy source in 5,000 BC. As it were, it was used to empower sailing boats, pump water for domestic/industrial usage and to grind harvested farm produces (grain) in the 17th century. The discovery of crude oil and gas energy sources in the 19th century gave credence to modernity in global socioeconomic and technological advancement that is still currently being enjoined, coupled with the latest discovery of eternal energy and solar energy/inverter energy sources all, in the 21st century including the most recently on-going research on Urine as energy source respectively.

Thus, countries are still researching to find cheap, clean and affordable energy sources for their citizens. In all of this, African State has deliberately refused to source for lasting solution to her epileptic energy challenges. Most prominent of them all is the Black Africans Race, which are disposed and surrounded with abundance of natural energy sources, yet, prefers darkness rather than light.

It is a woeful anomie and a paradoxical irony to be suffering in the means of plenty due to either ignorance, self-centeredness, poverty of the mind, corruption, monopolistic selfishness, greed,  share wicked and quest for control of power or dominancy of the large proletariats who are largely helpless and unable to see within their sphere. I heard argument of schools of thought, that, over population caused Africa to be under developed or placed as Third World Nations. I beg to dispute such assumption. Chine in Asian continent is the most populous country in the world follow by Indian. They are known to be developed countries within the same Asian continent. Over population could be a challenge when there are no planned equilibrium resources for both human and material development. History is in contention in this regard, if anyone is in doubt of history, he or she should go back to history books and find secrete behind the above mentioned assertions.

It will be wrong for me to generalize this concept. There are few countries in the continent of Africa who by their self-reliance and determination con be said to have developed in their energy mix. But, because they are within the continent of Africa they are relegated to global segregation. Examples are: Egypt the custodians of civilization in the world, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, South Africa, etc. nothing can be said about the Black Africans. Am not picking on the black race, rather putting straight a statement of facts. Nigerian economy is a generator plant economy. A situation where alternative generator becomes the major source of energy, while the national grid becomes mere State’s antiquity, contributing nothing to the growth of the economy.

Erroneously, we seems to put all blames on our colonial patriots. Patriots in the sense that they willingly relinquished independence to Nigerians without bloodshed. But, we forgot that freedom is by choice and the challenges that herald freedom is development. We are at liberty to break away from the existing colonial methodology of doing things like the American did. Being colonized by British, at in dependence, they made up their mind to channel a new value system for their new country call America. Their forefathers diverted completely by creating new social order from British sociocultural structure (spoken English language), to creating their own academic curriculum for their schools, army, constitution, law, foreign policy etc. embellish with the American ideas. Today, America is currently the army of the world and first amongst equals.

Nigeria is 56 years post-independence, yet she has not find her baring in energy and power sources. Leaders have come and gone, the debate and counter debate is endless in this regard. We are so blind not to see the abundance of what the Almighty God deposited in the country huge untapped human and mineral resources that will equate us to global equity, but our poor metaphysics capability and vain leadership style in harnessing these natural wealth has kept us under developed. Nigerians in the diaspora has proved tremendous self-assertion in countries they found themselves, yet at the home front, political piccolos and socio-mediocals found themselves in corridors of governance with a view to promote execute bills for the erudite society.

I refuse to be cut in the web of definity concern persons who have ruled the country or those currently in power that have failed in the actualization of sustainable energy policy in Nigeria. Energy is a fundamental bedrock upon which technological development, commence, industries, agriculture, education, health, and entrepreneurial revolutions evolve. Even during pre-colonial era, lambs lights are strategically place at footpath roads, compounds, houses, etc. to eliminated darkness because is repulsive, retrogress and evil. The presence of light indicates wealth and prosperity, development and civilization. As long as we remain in darkness, we are not likely to see beyond our nose. That is, development is likely not to come around soonest, and the trickle downward impact is that, it triggers and energises underdevelopment of various forms of social vices.

While the policy of government on the importation of generating plants into the country is still on-going, government have abusively allow the system to riot at the expense of the domestic economy. That is, very few who still want the importation of generating plants of different sizes to continue flooding the economy with fragrant disrespect to huge capital flight experienced in the country. There is a strong elitist conspiracy in the area of installation vandalism and policy sabotage against government energy/power policy reforms. These sect are the elites of the society, while the downtrodden are foot soldiers of vandals due to survival instinct or better put poverty. They act like wild buffalo with uncontrollable vexation to tear and destroy the potentials of the country without recourse to its advert negative impact on the economy and the future challenges ahead of generations unborn. This is a social madness that must be systematically address and cure.

Conclusively, Nigerian government should decentralize energy source to Statas and the Six Geopolitical Zone rather that sourcing it from National Greed or a centralized source of energy. This will allow States to develop without energy policy encumbrance. We must understand that, world economy is investment and entrepreneurial driver and as such, Nigeria such follow suit if the problem associated with energy mix in the country wants to be resolve. And as a matter of policy urgency, Nigerian government should be seen to develop available alternative energy sources of which we have its abundance (natural resources) in line with our diversities in values devoid of sentiment of any sort rather putting the interest of the country and its citizenry as priority. Darkness is evil and not necessary. But light is most compulsory value tool for development. There is no socioeconomic sphere and science and technology today that is bereft of effective and efficient energy compliance. Hence, my earnest desire is to see Nigeria become a country been able to shine as light to African continent and the world at large.




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