GAIN Nordic Partnership joins forces with one of its leading funding partners Arla Foods Ingredients, to create a three-year Danish-Ethiopian project aimed at improving the nutrition of low-income families in Ethiopia.

The project is hugely funded by Denmark’s development cooperation agency (DANIDA) with plans to make better use of milk produced from the country’s 11 million dairy cows in order to make available at the Ethiopia market, an affordable, healthy, fortified, and locally produced yoghurt by 2019.

Apart from the business aspects of the project, of which the Confederation of Danish Industry comprised of 10,000 Danish businesses, working towards developing business models for the promotion of the project.

The main motives focus on low salary consumers in Ethiopia, who earn very little and are unable to afford adequate and balanced diets for essential vitamins and nutrients needed to grow properly, therefore they lack the advantage of healthy living and a healthy family.

The main target groups for the project are children below the age of seven, women and lactating mothers, who are more vulnerable to malnutrition, particularly during pregnancy and lactation.