The Eurasian Economic Union and Egypt are carrying out discussions over expanding cooperation circles, Chairman of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission Tigran Sargsyan said during the Eurasian Week Forum in Yerevan. He stressed that the Egyptian market of 100 million people is an important one for the union.

“Russia is calling on businessmen of EEU countries to participate in the program that is carried out in Egypt. Last week, I met with the President of Egypt. He too introduced an initiative and recommended as part of our negotiations framework for us to hold a business forum in December of this year, because it can help us to greater realize our interests in the negotiations process, and also advance our business interests,” he said.

Sargsyan stressed that the agreement which was signed with Iran has a principle significant importance for Armenia.

“We have notified all countries about the initiatives and programs that are being implemented in Russia, including within the framework of the imports substitution program – by inviting all countries to find projects of their interest in terms of cooperation. I am asking for our countries to be actively involved in this process because I believe that very interesting cooperation chains for business exist,” he said.