“Help Female Entrepreneurs Access Economies of Scale” – Kate Quartey-Papafio

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During a recent Africa prosperity conference held in Accra, the Chief Executive Officer for Reroy Cables Limited, Mrs. Kate Quartey-Papafio called on African government to help female entrepreneurs take full advantage of economies of scale.

Mrs. Kate who was a guest speaker at the conference spoke on the topic: “Women as Agents of Economic Change: Ensuring Women Can Participate and Thrive with the Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA)”.

She mentioned various avenues which the government could help the women gain benefits through the CFTA.

One of these avenues includes drafting beneficial private sector development strategies and programmes of obtaining raw materials from other markets within the continent.

“This can be done through government’s encouragement of the registration of women enterprises in various free zones enclaves across Africa with specific exemptions on their inputs materials for production to reduce cost and encourage intra-African trade among women-owned enterprises”.

Another means is by providing advisory services to the women on how to gain access to other African markets with their finished products.

She continued stating that female entrepreneurs in Africa have been major contributors to the development of African economy. And that they are also agents of economic change since the industrial revolution in the 19th century and spearheaded economic change in countries such as India, Japan, Ghana among others.

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