The Flour Mills of Nigeria has distributed 16 new trucks to customers in its food segment to enable them to grow their businesses and reach wider markets.

FMN said in Lagos that this was in line with its promise in March to reward the efforts of its partners by appreciating and celebrating them.

“Doing this means that we are supporting the businesses of our partners, dealers and customers so that they can grow. Once they grow, you can be sure FMN will continue to grow,” the Group Managing Director, FMN, Paul Gbededo, said.

Gbededo said FMN was fulfilling a promise it made to various categories of customers earlier in the year that it would provide them with vans to support their businesses to enable them to take goods from factories to their warehouses and from warehouses into the market.

“This is just the start. In years to come, we are going to be doing it in tranches so that we will be seen to be feeding the nation every day,” he added.

The Managing Director, Foods, FMN, Devlin Hainsworth, said, “Two, three months ago, we gathered our biggest partners and customers to really acknowledge their performance throughout the year and a particular category that took the most in terms of performance and driving the overall food business in terms of Golden Penny or FMN, we award them with trucks.”

Hainsworth said FMN was serious about the partnership with customers, adding that the company had achieved a lot from this.

“We have reached the level in terms of market share and size. We are really creating the number one brands in the key categories and still have the opportunity to go to another level. In striving for more and more, let’s go to the next level. There are so many consumers from length and breadth of the country and it is important we reach them,” he stated…

The head of sales, B2B, Paul Udochi, said the company was convinced that empowering its customers meant empowering itself, saying FMN intended to make this an annual event.