Jacob Zuma after an appearance in court last year. The Friends of Jacob Zuma Trust yesterday called on his supporters to picket outside the Johannesburg High Court next week when he appears to face a rape charge. Pic: Greg Marinovich. Circa 2005. © Sunday Times.

Jacob Zuma, former South African President has urged students to be job creators rather than jobs seekers.He made the comment while delivering an education lecture at Walter Sisulu University’s Mthatha campus on Wednesday afternoon.

“We cannot be educated to be only workers‚ but we should also be educated to be creators of work. We should be so educated that we don’t sit at home when there is no work‚ but we should be able to create jobs ourselves. That is what we are looking for. That challenges our understanding of freedom and democracy‚” he said.

Jacob Zuma stated that a nation that was not educated and empowered could not walk proudly among other nations.

“When our results were a subject of criticism‚ it was very difficult to move among other nations. Even the nations that we thought were weaker than us produced better results. I am happy that the situation has changed.”

The former President also took a swipe at the institutions of higher learning for depriving students from poor families of the chance to be educated.

“Many children from poor families and working class households have struggled to gain entry into universities because their parents could not pay the fees. So if you come from a poor family you are condemned forever‚ to remain an inferior person.”

He posited that so many young people had been expelled from universities because they could not pay‚ while others had to pick up demeaning jobs to obtain money to further their studies.

“Some universities have decided to withhold the results of students who could not afford to pay; that are destroying many futures of individuals. They [universities] are not worried about the contribution the student would make in developing the country.”