From Africa with Innovation; 11 Most Remarkable Inventions You Need to Know

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Africa is a continent known for its diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage. Yet the continent is undergoing a remarkable transformation as it emerges as an innovation hotspot. Over the last decade, the continent has seen an extraordinary surge in technological advancements, entrepreneurial spirit, and ground-breaking solutions to local challenges.

This essay examines Africa’s vibrant innovation landscape, highlighting the key factors driving this wave, the sectors undergoing transformational change, and the potential impact on the continent’s future.

What are the factors that drive innovation?

Several key factors have contributed to Africa’s thriving innovation ecosystem. For starters, the rapid spread of mobile technology has transformed access to information and communication throughout the continent. Africans are leveraging the proliferation of affordable smartphones and increasing internet connectivity to create and disseminate innovative solutions.

Furthermore, the rise of tech hubs, incubators, and startup accelerators has fostered a collaborative culture, creating an environment conducive to creativity and innovation. Governments and private investors also recognise the African innovation landscape’s potential, fueling its growth through supportive policies and funding initiatives.


Sectors that are transforming


Africa’s innovation spans a wide range of sectors, each experiencing transformative changes with the potential to drive long-term development. Agriculture is one such sector, with innovative solutions addressing food security, agricultural productivity, and value chain efficiencies.

Startups use precision farming, remote sensing, and mobile applications to improve smallholder farmers’ access to information, finance, and markets. These advancements can transform the agricultural landscape, improve livelihoods, and ensure food security.

Healthcare is another significant industry that is experiencing innovation. Innovative solutions are emerging to bridge the gaps on a continent plagued by inadequate healthcare infrastructure, limited access to quality healthcare services, and high disease prevalence.

Remote diagnosis, improved healthcare delivery, and disease surveillance are all made possible by telemedicine platforms, low-cost medical devices, and data-driven health management systems. These advancements can improve healthcare outcomes and significantly reduce the disease burden in Africa.

Furthermore, financial technology (Finch) is revolutionising access to financial services throughout the continent. Because traditional banking infrastructure is limited, innovative mobile payment solutions, peer-to-peer lending platforms, and digital wallets empower millions of previously unbanked Africans.

Fintech innovations promote financial inclusion, drive economic growth, and open up new opportunities for entrepreneurs, ultimately benefiting individuals and communities. Africa has seen a plethora of innovative inventions that have had a significant impact on a variety of fields.

While it is difficult to narrow it down to just 11, here are some notable African examples of innovative inventions:


1. M-Pesa, developed in Kenya, is a mobile money transfer and financial services platform revolutionising African banking. It allows users to deposit, withdraw, and transfer money using mobile phones, providing financial services to millions of previously unbanked people.



It is Africa’s most successful mobile money service and the largest fintech platform in the region. Because of its safety and unparalleled convenience, M-PESA is the preferred payment method for banked and unbanked individuals across the continent. It also offers financial services to millions of people with mobile phones but no bank accounts or limited access to banking services.

M-PESA now offers over 51 million customers in seven African countries a safe, secure, and affordable way to send and receive money, top up airtime, make bill payments, receive salaries, obtain short-term loans, and much more.


2 Created by Arthur Zang of Cameroon, Cardiopad is a tablet-based medical device that allows remote heart examinations. It enables healthcare workers to perform heart tests, record the results, and send them to cardiologists for analysis, overcoming geographical barriers to specialised healthcare.


3. Kiira EV: Designed by Makerere University students in Uganda, the Kiira EV is Africa’s first electric vehicle. It symbolises innovation and clean energy while showcasing the continent’s potential for sustainable transportation.


4. Solar-Powered Internet: BRCK, a Kenyan company, created a rugged, solar-powered device that connects to the Internet in remote areas with limited infrastructure. The BRCK device, which can connect to Wi-Fi or mobile networks, acts as a communication hub for schools, businesses, and communities.



5. AgriProtein is a South African company that has developed an innovative approach to sustainable animal feed. They convert organic waste into high-protein feed using black soldier fly larvae, reducing the environmental impact of traditional animal feed production and providing a solution for food security and waste management.


6.    Ushahidi:

Ushahidi is a Kenyan crowdsourcing platform that allows people to report and map crises in real time. It has been used in disaster response, election monitoring, and human rights activism worldwide, providing valuable data for decision-making and coordination.



7. Mobisante, a South African company, has created a portable ultrasound device that can be connected to a smartphone. This invention enables remote healthcare workers to perform ultrasound scans and transmit the results to medical professionals, thereby improving access to diagnostics. Bright Jacket for Motorcyclists:


8. Sabelo Sibanda of Zimbabwe invented the “MurezaJacket,” an intelligent jacket for motorcyclists.

It has sensors and connectivity features that detect accidents, notify emergency services, and provide vital medical information to responders, thereby improving road safety.



9. TxtAlert by Praekelt:

TxtAlert is a mobile platform developed by Praekelt, a South African technology company that sends vital health information to pregnant women and new mothers via SMS. It has aided in the improvement of maternal and child health in several African countries.

10. Rancard Solutions, based in Ghana, has also created a mobile marketing technology platform that allows businesses to reach customers via targeted SMS and USSD messaging. As a result, it has significantly contributed to expanding mobile advertising and customer engagement across the continent.



11. Firefly is a low-cost machine that a Kenyan engineer by the name of Nzambi Matee designed. It converts plastic waste into long-lasting building bricks.

This innovation addresses the problem of plastic waste and the need for affordable construction materials, providing a sustainable housing solution.


These are just a few examples of Africa’s numerous inventive inventions. In addition, the continent’s vibrant and diverse tech ecosystem continues to contribute to global innovation and development.


The Implications for Africa’s Future


The rise of African innovation holds enormous promise for the continent’s future. African innovators create economic opportunities and foster social progress by addressing local challenges with homegrown solutions.

These innovations have the potential to generate job opportunities, attract investment, and drive long-term economic growth. Furthermore, they contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which address critical issues such as poverty, hunger, healthcare, education, and clean energy.

Likewise, the continent’s burgeoning innovation ecosystem attracts international attention and collaboration. Multinational companies and organisations recognise Africa’s potential as a market for innovative products and services. In addition, partnerships between African startups and international investors provide access to expertise, funding, and global networks, propelling the African innovation landscape forward.



Africa is experiencing an unprecedented wave of innovation that is reshaping the continent’s socioeconomic landscape.

Africans are harnessing their immense potential to address local challenges and drive sustainable development through the convergence of technology, entrepreneurship, and creative problem-solving.

As Africa embraces innovation, there is a need for ongoing investment in education, infrastructure, and supportive policies to nurture this ecosystem further. With its vibrant and dynamic innovation landscape, Africa is poised to realise its potential and emerge as a global leader in innovation and technology in the coming years.

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