Ghana: 13,000 Deaths Caused by Household Air Pollution Yearly

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Ghanaian women have recently been advised against the use of traditional cookstoves and fuels, which is said to cause terminal illnesses and deaths across the country.

This was stated at a forum organized by the Fablice Company in collaboration with Ghana Alliance, tagged “Health Benefits of Using Improved and Efficient Cookstoves and Fuel.”

Mr. Frank Fabian Aidoo, the Chief Executive Officer of the Fablice encouraged the women to adopt the habit of purchasing improved, clean and efficient cooking stoves to avoid illnesses like pneumonia, lung cancer, eye ailment and heart diseases.

He claimed that the 13,000 deaths cases that happened each year in Ghana are tied to household air pollution.

“This smoke generated from the traditional or unimproved cook stoves have caused so many air polluted illnesses,” he said.

The forum was sponsored by GHACCO, through the World Education Inc. to spur insight among community members about the dangers of using traditional cookstoves and fuels.

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