Ghana: USAID, Ministry Of Energy on Electricity Access Development

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The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has begun a workshop session holding from the 8-10 of august in Ghana about discussions that will boost the increase of electricity access in the country, and to tackle the issue of the incorporation of renewable energy resources like wind, solar and hydropower in the national grid.

The event, which is in partnership with the Ministry of Energy, some of the country’s private sectors, senior officials from the Ghana Government and other development partners, is tagged ‘Shifting Ghana onto a Path of Clean and Affordable Energy.’

The event discussions will be detailed on topics such as renewable integration, energy planning processes for long-term development, emerging business models and international best practices.

Speaking at the event, is the USAID/Ghana Acting Mission Director Steven E. Hendrix and Chief Director of the Ministry of Energy Lawrence Apaalse, yesterday at the opening sessions they gave their remarks and expressed their commitment to sustainably developing Ghana’s energy sector.

“In 2013, the U.S. government launched the Power Africa Initiative to increase energy access in Sub-Saharan Africa.

“Together with our partners, we work to add new generation capacity, connect homes, hospitals and businesses to the electricity grid and deliver power to communities who live beyond the national grid,” said Mr Hendrix.

“Scaling up renewable energy is critical to our agenda of delivering power to all Ghanaian citizens. Through the power of partnership we are leveraging private sector investment to provide renewable energy solutions that will build Ghana’s power sector for years to come.”

Therefore, the ‘Shifting Ghana onto a Path of Clean and Affordable Energy’ was created by the USAID under the US government’s Power Africa Initiative, to promote the development of energy sectors on the continent.

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