Latest report as former President, Goodluck Jonathan has expressed hope that all will be well very soon in Nigeria.

Jonathan made the statement in commemoration of Nigeria’s 58th Independence.

According to him, although things are tough, Nigerians are tough people and the nation will pull through its challenges.

He wrote on his Facebook page: “As we mark our nation’s 58th Independence Anniversary, my message to Nigerians is that we should keep faith with the vision of our founding fathers of a Nigeria founded on unity, faith, love and hope.

“I know things are tough, especially with Nigeria recently becoming the world headquarters for extreme poverty.

“But I know even much more that tough times never last but tough people do. And Nigerians are tough people. Evidence of that abounds in our strength in adversity and most especially amongst our youth who continue to make us proud.

“So if I have to summarise my message to Nigerians on this our 58th Independence Day, I would do it in one sentence: Things will get better. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria and all her
people. GEJ.”