In the Google for Nigeria event held in Lagos yesterday, Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, announced that after exceeding its target to train one million young people in Africa, it is expanding the program to train another 10 million people and prepare them for jobs of the future within the next five years. He also announced that 100.000 Africans will be trained on how to develop world class mobile applications beginning in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

This is a welcomed development as Africa is expected to have the world’s largest working-age population by 2034.

These trainings take place through physical meetings and online platforms and are geared towards helping participants build a web presence, use Search to find jobs, get tips to enhance their CV, use social media, and several other related areas.

He also announced that, the charitable arm is committing $20 million over the next five years to nonprofits that are working to improve lives across Africa.

Finally, he announced the commencement of the Impact Challenge in Africa in 2018 to award $5 million in grants. Any eligible non-profit in Africa can apply, and anyone will be able to help select the best ideas by voting online. You can click here to see how it works.