Google to Introduce Single-Page Website for Business

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As part of efforts to ensure effective networking and facilitate ease of business through digital technology, Google has come up with a new single-page website for businesses.

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps businesses of all kinds optimize their websites to have a presence online. It helps visibility, traffic, and generate leads through business websites that act as a storefront on the web.

For some small businesses, having a website is more work than it’s worth. For example, a local mom and pop shop that sells liquor or local groceries doesn’t have a need for a multi-page website. They don’t sell products online, so there’s no need to develop e-commerce functions, and they don’t run a blog, so there’s no need for content pages. However, in other not to miss out on the business that comes from online traffic, Google has created a page to meet the needs of small businesses.

What’s the New Tool and Who is it For?

According to Google’s announcement: “One of the most common actions people take when exploring a Google listing is to go to the web site, but we know that getting a website can still be a challenge for a lot of small business owners around the world: too complex, too expensive, too time-consuming.

In response to this problem, Google has developed an exciting single-page website builder designed with small businesses in mind. In keeping with the simple and easy nature of this tool, it is simply called “Website.” Through it, small business owners can easily create a single-page website in minutes from either a desktopor a mobile phone.

How Do You Do It?

For small business owners to create a website, they have to have a completely filled out Google My Business listing (Website is an extension of GMB). This is because Google pulls the information from a business’s GMB listing to create the website. From there, business owners have the option of customizing the theme, photos, and text on the website.

Updating the website is as user-friendly and simple as updating your GMB listing is. This, of course, brings certain limitations in terms of how creative business owners can be with the design, but overall it’s a great option for small businesses.

Why This is Good News

This is exciting for small business owners because it presents a way for them to have an online presence without creating a resource they don’t actually need. Best of all, Website is free to use, which makes it an easy and uncomplicated step for a small business owner to quickly take to enhance their business.


Source: Higher Visibility

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