How America’s Gun Violence Crisis Impacts the World

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The United States grapples with a unique and persistent problem, rampant gun violence. While the issue primarily affects American citizens directly, the consequences create a ripple effect impacting the world stage.


The statistics paint a sobering picture. According to the Gun Violence Archive, there have been over 240 mass shootings (defined as 4 or more people shot, excluding the shooter) in the United States, in 2023 alone. Further data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that firearms were responsible for over 45,000 deaths in the U.S. in 2020, with homicides accounting for a significant portion.


The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution grants the right to bear arms and has played a significant role in shaping the country’s history and culture. The Second Amendment states: “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” This language has been the source of much interpretation and controversy, with advocates and critics presenting arguments on the scope and intent of the amendment.


Critics argue that the proliferation of firearms in modern society has led to an increase in gun-related violence, accidents, and deaths and that stricter gun control measures are necessary to address these concerns. They contend that the Second Amendment should be interpreted in the context of the time in which it was written and that its applicability in the 21st century should be re-evaluated.


The Global repercussions include a weakened Global Standing, Public Health Concerns, Deterrence of Investment and Tourism, Fueling the Global Arms Trade and it also has a reasonable effect on Hip-hop music. For more than a decade, the world of Hip-hop has experienced an increase in the number of gruesome deaths of its rising stars and superstars at the hands of gang-allocated violence, drug overdose, murder and fatal robberies. Many acts have fallen to this force of evil, these include Lil Phat, The Jacka, Bankroll Fresh, XXXTentacion, Juice Wrld, Mac Miller, Nipsey Hussle, Pop Smoke, King Von, Young Dolph, PnB Rock, Takeoff and now Julio Foolio.


Julio Foolio

According to reports, the 26-year-old rapper Julio Foolio from Florida, whose true name is Charles Jones, was shot and died in the early hours of 23rd June 2024. The event happened in a Tampa Holiday Inn’s parking lot.


Intriguingly, this genre of music started as a celebration of black excellence, self-expression and honour to the forerunners from the prestigious continent of Africa. But the story is quite different in this age of spin, where deception rules and mob mentality help to promote the glamorization of gang culture, violence against women, drug use and a host of other illicit acts are displayed through this medium of music.


The glorification of violence in some rap lyrics is a well-documented concern. But this issue extends beyond music, with gun violence becoming a tangible threat to rappers themselves. In the United States, the statistics are stark. A study by the Gun Violence Archive revealed that in 2022 alone, over 40 rappers or figures closely linked to the hip-hop industry were killed by gun violence. This number doesn’t even account for non-fatal shootings or the ripple effect on mental health within the community.


It is sad to admit that society to a considerable extent endorses these acts with their consumption and gross dedication to these individuals who are at the forefront of this madness. This influence extends far beyond American borders. In Africa, for instance, the impact is evident. In February 2023, South Africa mourned the loss of Kiernan Forbes, better known by his stage name AKA, a highly influential rapper. AKA was tragically shot dead outside a restaurant in Durban alongside a companion. This incident sent shockwaves through the South African music scene and served as a stark reminder of how deeply entrenched gun violence can become on a global scale.


It’s noteworthy that the prevalence of gun violence in the U.S. media can inspire copycat crimes in other countries. Additionally, easy access to firearms in the U.S. can fuel gun trafficking, contributing to violence in other parts of the world.


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Taking Action for Change

Addressing this complex issue requires a multi-pronged approach:

  • Gun Control Legislation: Implementing stricter background checks, banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and enacting red flag laws to temporarily remove firearms from individuals deemed a threat could significantly reduce gun violence.
  • Mental Health Initiatives: Investing in mental health resources and promoting awareness about mental health issues can help identify and address potential risk factors for gun violence.
  • Community-Based Solutions: Supporting community-based violence prevention programs that address the root causes of gun violence, such as poverty, gang activity, and lack of opportunity, is crucial.


A Global Responsibility


America’s gun violence problem is not just a domestic issue, it has a significant impact on the global community. By taking concrete steps toward gun control reform, prioritizing mental health, and fostering safer communities, the U.S. can not only protect its citizens but also contribute to a safer world for all.

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