About The Event

THEME: Scaling-up Development Efforts and Global Partnerships for Africa

The African Leadership Magazine is pleased to invite you to the International Forum on African Leadership (IFAL) 2021, a virtual event taking place this December to address the issue of scaling-up development efforts and global partnerships.

Event Brief
Although African countries are capable of continuing their progress on the long road to recovery post-COVID-19, there is no doubting that international support would greatly bolster their efforts on many fronts—including increased testing capacity, resource mobilization, and coordinated policies in preventing and containing the coronavirus’s spread and promoting economic recovery. Therefore, experts have opined that global partnerships with Africa would improve the continent’s crisis response, accelerate economic recovery, and build momentum and resilient systems for sustainable growth and development.

While multilateral and bilateral partners have been providing some financial support in the form of debt relief, loans and grants, pundits yet believe that African governments need much more, especially by securing additional resources and investing in key sectors to hasten economic recovery and developing new initiatives and partnerships to address fragilities and bridge the gaps between policy goals and outcomes, including ineffective institutions, corruption, and a lack of accountability.

To this end, the African Leadership magazine’s International Forum on African Leadership (IFAL) 2021 will bring together the divergent views and thoughts of leading experts, academics, researchers, business and political leaders, and key stakeholders to build global partnerships for Africa’s economic recovery and development. The theme of the Forum is set as Scaling-up Development Efforts and Global Partnerships for Africa.