Isuzu Motors Partner With Propella To Launch Industrial Hub

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Isuzu Motors South Africa has announced its new partnership with the Propella Business Centre through an investment into the industrial hub over the next three years.

“Since the launch of Isuzu Motors South Africa in January this year, the company has been focused on building a sustainable business for the long-term. Developing meaningful and impactful partnerships which positively impact the community, forms a critical part of this strategy. We are only just over six months into our new journey and we are already thinking about how we can be different, how we can offer alternative creative and innovative solutions and at the same time how we can be part of the transformation and growth of the economy. And as we look at the community around us, we want to find ways of making a difference by truly empowering people. Propella thinks like this too – which makes them an ideal partner for us,” said Isuzu’s Executive, Corporate Affairs, Denise van Huyssteen.

Anita Palmer, Propella Business Incubation Manager stated that Propella was happy to have such a strong alliance with Isuzu Motors South Africa.

“We are always on the look-out for catalytic projects that can contribute to the competitiveness of the local economy and support job creation. Through the development of appropriate technologies and providing the right type of infrastructure to entrepreneurs, we support innovative solutions and access to market that is crucial to the success of a business,” Palmer said.

The Isuzu Industrial Hub is open for applications throughout the year. Applications are subject to pre-screening assessments.

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