Image: Takoma Park

Just like South Africa, Rwanda, and Eritrea, Kenya has recently announced the ban of plastic bag carriers.

Although this is the country’s third attempt in the past 10 years, to remove plastic bags totally from the country’s market system.

According to the government, the use of plastic bag cause more harm than good to the environment, meanwhile adopting the ban policy will help protect the environment.

This has however posed a big threat to the public with the realization that up to 80,000 jobs are tied to the manufacturing of plastic bags.

Irrespective of this discovery, the government is still on the lead to evict the bag usage from the country.

The six-month window for adjustment given by the government for the plastic bag usage expired on Sunday night. A fine of up to $38,000 or a prison sentence of up to four years, will be meted to those found selling, manufacturing, or carrying plastic bags. The National Environmental and Management Authority also said that travelers coming into Kenya with duty-free plastic shop bags will be required to leave them at the airport under the new rules.

According to the policy, only those who use polyethylene will be exempted from any sanctions.