Leadership Begins with Self-Leadership – Dr. Liaqat Alli Azam

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United Kingdom
July 21, 2022

The Chief Executive Officer of Leading Like Mandela, Dr. Liaqat Alli Azam, all leadership begins with self-leadership, he made this known during the Webinar organized by Brand South Africa, in partnership with the African Leadership Magazine UK.

The webinar, titled Leadership through the Lens of Nelson Mandela: Lessons for Today’s Global Environment, was organized is part of activities to mark the 2022 Nelson Mandela Day, held annually in July to commemorate the UN declaration, celebrating the leadership legacies of the great Nelson Mandela.

According to Dr Aazam, “Nelson Mandela’s leadership style was one that was grounded in his identity. And this is what every leader needs to understand that all leadership begins with self-leadership. They cannot lead others if we do not lead ourselves. One needs to be at peace with yourself, for you to be able to bring about peace in the world. And most of our leaders and or and many leaders were quick to utilize force as opposed to the inner power.”

Continuing, he averred that, “Nelson Mandela firmly believed and fought for this principle of oneness, and it is embodied in Africa; it is known as, I am because you are and he has stated that your freedom and mine cannot be separated.”

Dr Aazam, also, “went on to challenge thought leaders who participated in the event to tap into the power and the resource we have within us and unleash. This is what enables us to own trust. He further iterated on the need for transparency.”

The webinar was organized by Brand South Africa in strategic partnership with the African Leadership Magazine UK. It had speakers drawn from the political and diplomatic communities, including Lord Peter Hain, a Member House of Lords, Baroness Sandy Verma, a member House of Lords, Pumela Salela, UK country Head, Brand South Africa, Kingsley Okeke, Group Managing Editor, African Leadership Magazine U.K.

In their responses to the discussions, Dr Liaqat Alli Azam, CEO of Leading Like Mandela Leadership Institute, and Dr Thelela Ngcetane-Vika, of Traversing a Leadership Avalanche, took turns to underscore each speaker’s contributions and how it relates to the prevailing challenges confronting the world.

The webinar, which is designed to celebrate one of Africa’s most extraordinary leadership exports-Nelson Mandela, is organized in partnership with the African Leadership Magazine U.K.

The world is at a critical juncture and in dire need of leadership. With the rising cases of Coup De tat in West Africa and the global uncertainties occasioned by the war between Ukraine and Russia – leading to a deeply polarized world, this conversation is as important today as it was many years ago.

Nelson Mandela is an asset to South Africa, Africa and the world. This event helps to therefore remind leaders across all facets, including governments, civil society and business, that leadership is all that matters in critical times.

The webinar also explored how leaders can draw inspiration from Nelson Mandela’s leadership style and apply it to business, civil society and government. They will reflect on how they view leadership through the lens of Nelson Mandela.

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