The Liberian Government has announced the placement of over 850 voluntary public-school teachers across the fifteen political sub-divisions within the country on the payroll. The government has noted that the initiative is taken with an intention to fill in the gap created in the education sector as a result of the ongoing retirement.

The government has described its efforts towards employment as representing the initial recruitment of over 2000 voluntary teachers who have meaningfully been contributing toward the growth and development of the country through education.

The new teachers were employed with qualifications ranging from C- certificate Bachelor and Master degrees holders. Reports from the Ministry of Education reveal that 165 of the newly employed teachers hold a bachelor’s degree in education, 163 are A certificate, 470 are C-Certificate, while 35 hold B-certificate from the rural teacher training academy.

With its eyes set on improving the education sector, the Government also plans to employ an additional 750 voluntary teachers before the end of the fiscal year 2020/2021 in June 2021. In an ongoing process, the additional teachers are currently being vetted through a special joint committee comprising the Ministry of Education and the Civil Service Agency of Liberia.

The Ministry’s activities also involve an exercise towards the salary increment of about 600 bonafide and legitimate supplementary Public-school teachers, complementing the process of regularizing under-paid Public-school teachers’ salaries which took effect as of March 2021.