The first made in Nigeria Helicopter has been proposed to be launched in the last quarter of 2021. This is under the plan of the President Buhari led administration to ensure that Nigeria manufacturers its own non-commercial Helicopter. The Helicopter is currently being manufactured by National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI).

President Buhari described this feat as a proof of the capacity of Nigerians to excel in associated technical knowledge of aircraft manufacturing and the aviation sector. Sample photo of the first set of the made in Nigeria Helicopter were released on Thursday for Nigerians to see the progress made by NASENI so far, at the moment the Helicopter were said to be ready to undergo environmental impact assessment.

The achievement, so far, is in collaboration of NASENI and Dynali Company of Bulguim to transfer technology to Nigeria by producing Dynali style Helicopters at a plant operated by the agency in Nigeria. President Buhari also directed NASENI to work towards bridging the gaps in research and technology that keeps Nigeria waiting on other countries for supplies and solutions, especially in tackling challenges like the coronavirus pandemic.

President Buhari also challenged the agency to carry more roles in equipping the country during the time of emergencies and to also encourage research, up degrade local skills, fabrication, and plan international collaboration that would bring growth in science and technology in the country. According to the directive of Mr. President, the made in Nigeria is expected to be launched officially by the agency in Nigeria by December 2021.

Following the President directive NASENI in 2016, successfully designed and manufactured locally the first jet – engine for aircraft, which was launched with a funfair at the agency’s headquarters in Abuja.