The new President of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), Patrice Motsepe, has announced his intentions through visionary plans to take football higher than its present state across the continent during his tenure.

The 59-year-old South African mining billionaire, who took over as CAF President on Friday at a CAF General Assembly meeting in Morocco, disclosed this at a press conference in Johannesburg on Tuesday, March 16 2021.

Motsepe noted the need for African football to aspire and work towards one of the national teams on the continent win the World Cup in the near future. He said:

“During the next World Cup and also during the forthcoming World Cups, that African nations compete (in) and, if you look at what we said in the manifesto, it’s part of our plan that an African team must win the World Cup. I think let’s clap hands for that.

“We have to, we need to get the private sector to sponsor African football. We must increase the sponsorship for the AFCON Africa Cup of Nations), make it significantly more substantial. We must increase the sponsorship for the Champions League, the African Champions League.”

Motsepe took over as President without the need for a vote after a deal brokered by the world governing body FIFA saw his three challengers withdraw, leaving him as the sole candidate for the position, and as the head of CAF, he automatically becomes a FIFA vice president and a member of the FIFA Council.