Statistics has shown that six out of every 10 Mozambicans women are ill-treated both physically and morally.

Therefore, the UN has urged Mozambique to put an end to the violence against women in Mozambique.

During a two-day visit of UN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka to Mozambique, she told the country to adopt more effective strategies to end violence against women.

She told the society to be provoked about violence against women in the country, stating that gender inequality is an additional problem to the situation of the disadvantaged woman.

Ms Mlambo-Ngcuka met with Veronica Macamo, the Speaker of the Assembly of the Republic to discuss the measures that can be put in place to promoting women’s rights and combating gender violence.

A woman named Marta, told the media that she was thrown out of her home last week by her husband after beating on her, because of another woman.

The Mozambican Association for Women, Law and Development (MULEID) is also worried about the increased rate of violence against women, which is contrary to the previous strategies that have been taken to stop all violence against women.

MULEID dealt with numerous cases of violence against women in 2016, they went as far as involving the courts in cases where psychological counselling was not efficient.

“There are many cases – every day we are working on processes. There are many cases of physical aggression,” MULEID director Maria Luisa.