Poll: Vote Nigeria’s Top Performing Public Institution

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The African Leadership Magazine invites you to participate in the online Good Performance Poll for Nigerian Public Institutions aimed at measuring and monitoring the performances of Departments and Agencies of government, through the lenses of the Nigerian people.

The Good Performance Poll is a one of the Magazine’s strategic public engagement tool, aimed at engendering healthy competition, promoting good performance, and fostering excellent service delivery among public institutions in Nigeria.

The Departments and Agencies of the Nigerian government play a critical role in the country as the machineries of the government that help in the formulation and execution of the policies and programmes of the government to improve the well-being of the people, and spur economic growth and development in the country. However, some of these institutions, in spite of the resources allocated to them, have fallen short in carrying out their core responsibilities, largely due to corruption, and mismanagement, among other factors.

The African Leadership Magazine would therefore recognise and commend the Top Performing Public Institution and its leadership for the outstanding work in improving the lives of the people, and their contributions towards the growth and development of the country. The magazine will also feature some of the milestones and achievements of the top performers on its platforms.

Participators are expected to vote based on any of the following three criteria:

Firstly, the public institution that has been accountable and transparent in carrying its mandate in line with Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari’s posturing of Zero-tolerance for corruption;

secondly, the public institution that has been ingenuous and innovative in its processes, systems and procedures, positively delivering on its mandate, as it affects the citizenry;

thirdly, the public institution that has in the last one year executed developmental projects or policies that have enhanced the lives of the people of Nigeria.

Kindly participate in the polls by voting for the best performing Nigerian Institution among others shortlisted from across the sectors of the Nigerian economy.

Please click https://goo.gl/ldG6HR  to vote.  Voting commences 10 October 2016. As part of the terms of the poll, five (5) of the shortlisted institutions, with the least vote, will be dropped from the poll every 7 days until we have the last five.

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