President Weah Calls on Appointees to perform better or face sack

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President George Weah has issued a dire warning to all political appointees that if they are non-performers or under-achievers, he will not hesitate to fire them as he races against the clock to improve basic social services and complete numerous signature projects before next year’s elections.

Addressing his cabinet at the close of a three-day retreat in Ganta, Nimba County, he laid out the work at hand and could not stress enough how crucial it is for his administration to achieve significant success in specific areas to support his reelection effort in the 2023 elections.

That message echoes the reality that his administration must double its efforts to realize its ambitious development plan, the Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD), which promises to be a framework for inclusion, more equitable distribution of national wealth, and economic growth by increasing productivity through value chains, with a focus on agriculture.

So, on the final day of the retreat, themed “Pushing Forward for a Better Liberia”, Weah would not mince his words when he said: “Let me be clear. There will be no room for non-performers and under-achievers in this Government. Let me remind you that our first term is not over yet; we still have 16 months and we must finish strong for the Liberian People.

“This is a call to action. The President added: “Let me caution you that ahead lies a greater responsibility to ensure the successful implementation of the plans derived at this year’s retreat. As this year’s theme states, ‘Pushing Forward for A Better Liberia’, it is my ardent hope that it continues to resonate with us as we depart this hall.”

Weah went on to say that now is the time for his officials to step up their game and prioritize the needs and well-being of the Liberian people, while also calling for collaboration and communication to accomplish “strategic goals.”

As a result, he directed the Director-General of the Cabinet to guarantee that every member of this Government remains focused “on our strategic priorities for the next 16 months” in order to achieve his administration’s development goals and complete his first term.

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