Prince Harry and Meghan Visit Nigeria

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry recently concluded their inspiring three-day visit to Nigeria, leaving behind a trail of impactful interactions and meaningful engagements. The couple commenced their tour on Friday, May 10, with a visit to the Lightway Academy in Abuja. Here, they initiated a new partnership between their Archewell Foundation and the GEANCO Foundation, focusing on providing essential mental health resources and training to young individuals.

Their journey in Nigeria was not just about diplomatic appearances; it was a personal exploration for Meghan, who discovered her Nigerian heritage in a touching moment on her Archetypes podcast in 2022. The Duchess of Sussex, deeply moved by this connection, expressed her joy in sharing this voyage with the people of Nigeria.


Invited by Nigeria’s Chief of Defense Staff, Meghan, and Harry’s visit was marked by various engagements, including meetings with students, military personnel, and leaders from different sectors. They actively participated in events aimed at promoting mental health awareness, women’s leadership, and sports empowerment.


Meghan delivered poignant speeches during the tour.  At Lightway Academy, the couple’s presence was met with exuberant cheers and performances by local dancers and singers. They emphasized the importance of addressing mental health, stressing that everyone, regardless of age, experiences mental health challenges and should prioritize self-care. Meghan spoke on the importance of breaking the stigma surrounding mental health issues and encouraged open conversations, reminding everyone that “there is no need to suffer in silence.” Harry, too, echoed similar sentiments, highlighting the significance of seeking support during challenging times.

Harry remarked, “Too many people don’t want to talk about it ’cause it’s invisible. It’s something in our mind that we can’t see. It’s not like a broken leg, it’s not like a broken wrist.” He encouraged open dialogue about mental health, stating, “Every single person in this room, the youngest, the oldest, every single person has mental health. So therefore, you have to look after yourself to be able to look after other people.”


Their visit wasn’t just about formalities; Meghan and Harry engaged in lively interactions with students, sharing personal anecdotes and even enjoying classroom games. Their genuine connection with the people they met left a lasting impression, evident in the warm reception they received throughout their stay.

As they immersed themselves in Nigerian culture, Meghan and Harry also paid homage to their hosts by embracing traditional attire and participating in local customs. Their willingness to embrace the Nigerian heritage endeared them even more to the hearts of the people.


On the second day of their tour, the couple attended events focused on sports recovery and women’s leadership. Meghan co-hosted and contributed to a women’s leadership event alongside Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, director of the World Trade Organization. The event was focused on the importance of female representation in leadership roles.

She expressed gratitude for the warm reception in Nigeria and shared her journey of discovering her Nigerian heritage. 

On the third day of their trip, the royal couple engaged in a basketball event hosted by the Giants of Africa Foundation in Lagos. This organization, led by Masai Ujiri, a vice president of an NBA team, aims to empower youth through sports involvement. Harry, a fervent supporter of sports empowerment, joined athletes and actively participated in dribbling basketballs with children during the foundation’s exhibition event, emphasizing the transformative power of sports to unite communities without barriers.


As a former army captain who served in Afghanistan, Prince Harry initiated the Invictus Games a decade ago, providing a platform for wounded veterans to participate in sporting events as part of their rehabilitation. He also engaged in a seated volleyball match with Nigerian veterans, highlighting their resilience amid combat challenges, particularly in the fight against jihadist insurgents and criminal groups in the country’s north.

The tour culminated in a series of memorable moments, including a vibrant reception at the State Governor House in Lagos and a charity polo match at the prestigious Ikoyi Polo Club. Meghan’s radiant presence, coupled with Harry’s affable demeanor, illuminated every event they attended, leaving behind an indelible mark on all who had the privilege of meeting them.


As Meghan and Harry bid farewell to Nigeria, their visit has left a positive impact; strengthening ties between the two nations and also serving as an inspiration to many leaders across the world. It reveals the potential for high-profile figures to effect positive change through genuine connection and advocacy. Their embrace of Nigerian culture and heritage challenges stereotypes and fosters a greater understanding of the richness and diversity of African culture, countering misconceptions.

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