Rachel Wang gets the Top 50 Afro-Caribbean Leadership Award at GAPF 2024

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At the Global Africa Partnerships Forum in London, Rachel Wang, the co-director and co-founder of Chocolate Films, a distinguished video content creator for galleries, museums, and arts organisations, got the prestigious Top 50 Afro-Caribbeans Leadership Award. This recognition applauds Rachel’s outstanding contributions to advancing diversity and enhancing representation within the film and art industries.
The Global Africa Partnerships Forum, organised by the African Leadership Organization, took place on January 25, 2024, at the House of Lords in London, UK. The forum aims to foster partnerships, innovation, and collaboration.
Rachel Wang, a member of esteemed organisations such as BAFTA and the Royal Society of Arts, is an ardent advocate for diversity, decolonizing history, and employing digital tactics in museums. Her commitment to advancing the film and artistic industries aligns seamlessly with the forum’s theme of “Sustaining the African Renaissance: Collaboration, Innovation, and Partnerships.”
Key Objectives of the Event:
1. Enhancing African Global Partnerships: Recognising the diversity, tenacity, and promise of Africa and its international partners and investors.
2. Investment and Deal Options: Exploring a myriad of options for partnerships, investments, and collaborations across various industries.
3. Breaking Down Industrial Barriers: Encouraging interdisciplinary connections and comprehensive problem-solving through cross-sectoral engagement.
4. Inspiration and Innovation: Providing perspectives that challenge preconceived notions, provoke unique ideas, and stimulate creative thought.
5. Networking Hub: Establishing a distinctive environment for communication, collaboration, and the formation of enduring partnerships.
6. Thought leadership: serving as a testing ground for innovative concepts and future paths for the advancement of Africa’s social, economic, and technological sectors.
Key Themes of the Forum:
1. Technology and Innovation: Exploring the transformative impact of these factors on various industries across the continent.
2. Sustainable Development: Examining Africa’s path towards sustainable development, considering social, economic, and environmental aspects.
3. Inclusive Economic Analysis: Scrutinising inclusive economic models that uplift neglected populations and reduce inequality.
4. Entrepreneurship and Businesses: Highlighting the vibrant ecosystem of entrepreneurs and discussing how to create a supportive atmosphere for businesses.
5. Governance Frameworks: Examining efficient governance frameworks, methods, and policies that promote stability and prosperity.
6. Cultural Renaissance: Celebrating Africa’s rich cultural legacy and leveraging it to spur innovation and economic expansion.
About the Global Africa Partnerships Forum:
Organized by the African Leadership Organization, the GAPF acts as a catalyst for significant alliances, collaborations, and connections that impact the political and corporate landscape of Africa. Visionary leaders, industry experts, investors, and decision-makers converge at the forum to promote innovation, economic growth, and sustainable development across the continent.
About African Leadership Magazine:
Published by the African Leadership Organization (UK), the African Leadership Magazine focuses on presenting the best of Africa to a global audience. For the past 16 years, the organisation has dedicated itself to promoting impactful leadership and African opportunities globally through quality Afro-positive content, African trade facilitation, market entry solutions, Afro-centric communities, business networking platforms, and public sector training and consulting.

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