Rwanda Volleyball Federation Gets New President

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Newly elected president of the Rwanda Volleyball Federation (FRVB), Leandre Karekezi has said that teamwork is the only way to improve the level of the sport in the country.

The former Mayor of Gisagara District was elected unopposed in the general election held on Saturday at Amahoro national stadium. He replaced Gustave Nkurunziza, who resigned less than a month after his re-election for a second four-year term, in February. Nkurunziza had beaten Karekezi by 18-9 votes.

Nkurunziza and the Secretary General, Christian Hatumimana and Treasurer, Jeannette Uwera were arrested by Rwanda National Police over corruption charges but were later released. Hatumimana resigned one week later.

After finally getting his wish to run local volleyball, Karekezi said, “I am thankful for the members, who voted me and I promise to carry out the mandate given to me, in the best way possible. I will be focusing on developing affordable infrastructure in every party of the country, it is not so expensive.”

“We need to have volleyball played in every sector of the country. Citizens must know the game better, which means improving our public relations. And to achieve our goals, we need to work together and as a united federation,” added Karekezi.

Karekezi also promised to work on bringing back supporters to the grounds and to develop the sport, which is one of the best performing in the country.

He noted that, “Yes, I am the president but we must work together as group to improve the game. We need teamwork to reach our target. This way, we shall be able to take Rwandan volleyball to a higher level.”

Karekezi and his second vice president Fernand Sauveur Ruterana, were elected with 23/23 votes, while the Treasurer, Providence Mukamurenzi, received 22/23 votes.

Source: New times




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