Three Rwanda young men have decided to take up a patriotic role in terms of building the youths of their country through technology. These men established a company in 2014 and called it “House of Technology”, where they carried out various technology processes.

They recently launched a programme tagged Code for Good, the programme was organized to train as many youths that are interested in app development, and also equip them to help train others, or offer support for future projects.

After the training, certificates will be awarded to the individuals who went through the training sessions for free.

The Code for Good programme is also developing an Online Children’s Creative Writing and Reading Portal to involve parents, teachers and authors to engage and motivate children to read and write stories and poems themselves in their native language.

According to these young men, Mr.  Ildephonse Mungwarakarama, Mr. Theogene Niyonsenga and Mr. Jerome Habimana, their motives are to create access to technology for all youth in the country that will improve the academics and empower them for the future workforce.