· UN appoints a news Resident Representative and Resident Coordinator for Seychelles

· UN pledges to support Seychelles on climate change and adaptation projects.

As part of efforts towards achieving sustainable development goals in Seychelles, the newly appointed UNDP Resident Representative and Resident Coordinator for Seychelles said that the UNDP will continue to support the country’s priority projects on climate change and adaptation, thereby achieving sustainable development goals.

“We will continue most of our programmes mainly on climate change and adaptation. We will also look at supporting the whole agenda for the country to attain its sustainable goals. Therefore, the issue of data development is something which we will look into.”

Ms Christine Umutoni the newly accredited UNDP Representative met with the President of Seychelles, Danny Faure, recently at State House to discuss national development plans as she presented her credentials.

As regards the issue of shared resources and the blue economy she told the president that, “The UN is willing to accompany the country in this exercise because it’s all based on aligning and mainstreaming the national plan to the sustainable goals.”

“We want to ensure that the blue economy roadmap makes sense for the country and look at South-South cooperation, the exchange of knowledge between the various African countries and what each of us can learn from each other.”

Another key area that the UN is interested in is the economic development, with a huge focus on the public-private partnership, said Umutoni.

“Seychelles is now a high-income country. We will also look at how to sustain the country in its path towards a higher income and ensuring that we find strategies to address a few pockets of poverty so that the gap can be narrowed.”