In what appears to be a bold and strategic move, Sierra Leone looks set to end Child Marriage.  The west African Country is engaging stakeholders and deliberating with authorities in Sub-Saharan Africa to tackle the growing menace in the region.

The information was disclosed by the First Lady of Sierra Leonne, Sia Koroma who said that her country is working to end the practice totally.

‘‘We hope to have an important understanding of child marriage, its consequences, or the drivers, the solutions of child marriage. We will look policies, legal framework surrounding child marriage and we intend to build a platform where we’ll be sharing successes and challenges’‘, she said as the world marked International Day for the Girl.

“Sierra Leone and teenage pregnancy I will regard as some others do as the two evil twins. We have a high prevalence child marriage in Sierra Leone and teenage pregnancy and we’ve looked at it in depth. There is a disproportionate affection”.

“And besides we are part of the AU (African Union) launch, we have launched our campaign to end child marriage in Sierra Leone”, she indicated.

In order to achieve national development and the sustainable development goals, the contributions every young female child is required, therefore the country looks forward to ending child marriage in the region for the benefit of all girls, the first lady intimated.

There are ongoing surveys on the implications of the practice on the girl-child in order to reach a consensus on how to end the system in the country as well as the region.