SINN Power is gathering the necessary data to evaluate the renewable energy potential in Conakry, Guinea, considering wave, wind and solar resources. SINN Power has initiated the second phase of this project on behalf of customer Guinea Gold PLC. This involves installing an autonomous measurement station for wave, wind and solar data.

During a first visit in the summer of 2018, discussions about a local renewable energy supply were held, SINN says. A geographical survey was carried out using 3D analysis to check the suitability of previously designated sites. By evaluating the collected data, the most suitable location was selected.

In the second phase of the feasibility study, a proprietary measuring system was installed at the previously selected site, which will record wave, wind and solar data. The parameters measured with the sensors are the wave amplitudes, wind direction and speed, and solar radiation.

Evaluation of the collected data will be one of the main components of the feasibility study. By creating a site-specific energy profile, a recommendation for a renewable hybrid system that is ideally adapted to the customer’s needs can be made.