Sierra Monitor Corporation, a global technology company, has announced the formal incorporation of Sierra Monitor South Africa. 

The office, located in Johannesburg, provides engineering and customer support services to SMC worldwide.  In addition to his responsibilities as Sierra Monitor’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Bennie de Wet is the managing director of the new organization.  

“The incorporation of our office in Johannesburg is another milestone in Sierra Monitor’s growth and evolution as a company,” said Jeff Brown, SMC’s Chief Executive Officer.  “Bennie and his team have been an invaluable engineering resource for SMC for more than ten years, and I’m pleased to have them formally join Sierra Monitor.” 

Sierra Monitor has benefited from Bennie’s team of exceptional engineering and support talent since 2005. 

By formalizing the structure of SMC South Africa, both the employees and company benefit by aligning corporate objectives on continued growth as well as obtaining more direct oversight of research and development activities. 

“This is an exciting time for all the engineers in the Sierra Monitor South Africa office as well as for SMC and me personally,” said Bennie de Wet, Chief Technology Officer and managing director of SMC South Africa. 

“The office is ideally located to provide support to SMC’s growing European, Middle Eastern, African and Asian customers.  Plus, we have some incredible engineering talent helping to fuel our growth in cloud-connected IIoT and Life Safety systems.”