Image: business live

South African minister for transportation Joe Maswanganyi, recently voiced out his opinion about women access to government funds.

While Addressing the North West Women Law Enforcement officers, during an event held in Mahikeng on Tuesday.

The minister claimed that women are the most beneficiaries of government’s aid, structured under unique programmes to fight poverty.

“Basic services such as water, electricity, housing, roads, access to education and health have been extended to more communities each year since 1994, with women being key beneficiaries,”

“As the Department of Transport, part of our commitment towards promoting radical socio-economic transformation is our continued prioritization of women’s access to economic opportunities.

“We took decisions that all public entities in the transport sector must have specific budgets allocated for Women, Youth, and People Living with Disabilities,” Minister Maswanganyi said.

He explained further on the decision of the South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL) to enroll local women, the youths and disabled in their organization.

“We also are sponsoring women to be pilots and others to study aeronautical engineering as well as to be rail safety inspectors. These women are selected from both rural and urban areas to study and change the face and the slowly transforming transport sector,” Minister Maswanganyi said.

However that was not all, the minister mentioned key areas in the society where aid and development had been launched for the women.