‘Strive’ A Short Story Series

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By Jewel Ken- Giami

Hi everyone! Welcome to my first short story series, ‘Strive.’ I hope you enjoy it.

This story is about a girl aged 12, who has a pretty normal life until piano shows up. She has a new found love for it and just as she discovers it, lots of other things start to unfold….Join Dara Adesina as she tries to balance her life with piano, school, friends, bullies and a new reality show, Strive Kids Nigeria!


“And the winner for Strive Kids Nigeria 2022 is….” I closed my eyes, my ears longing but dreading what the judge was going to say next…. “Dara Adesina! ” I could hardly believe it. I jumped with joy before going up to claim my prize.

Hi! I’m Dara Adesina, the girl who just WON Strive Kids Nigeria! I know, I still can’t believe it myself! But things weren’t always like this. A few months ago, I could never have imagined myself to be here. I actually gave up. Almost. It all started 4 months ago, on a hot Thursday….


I was in school and the day had been going on for longer than I could cope. For real, if I looked at the clock any longer, it would have started going backwards. It was 5th period and I was so ready to go home. My best friend, Lola, had been talking all day about this new TV series: Strive Kids Nigeria. Even as we were in class waiting for the teacher, she just wouldn’t stop.

“Thank GOD, Nigeria finally has a good reality TV show for me, because I’m not allowed to watch BBN, Nigeria’s Got Talent just isn’t working… to be fair there’s Nigerian Idol and The Voice Nigeria, but this one is just for kids! Do you think I can get in for my sense of style?” She laughed loudly at her joke. I rolled my eyes and smiled at her. “Don’t you have anything else to talk about? All I’ve been hearing about is this Strive Talent thing. Pleasee can you change the subject, my head’s banging.” “What else is there to talk about? If you watched the show, you’d be blabbering just like I am!” She huffed. “At least you know you’re blabbering” I scoffed. She gave me a look, “Watch it, the first round of auditions are tonight.. just do it” I shrugged my shoulders. I’d probably be too busy sleeping to do that.

Just then the teacher walked in. Amber, the snobby class prefect, stood up. “Class, greet.” She said in her americano accent. Hey, before you get ahead of yourself, I am most definitely NOT attacking her for no reason. This girl hasn’t left me alone my whole life, literally! Once in Year 2, she told the whole class a horrible secret of mine, and I didn’t live it down for months! She just wants attention, but sucks for her, I won’t be giving her any.

My class greeted my teacher and she greeted them back. “So class, instead of composing music today, we’ll be doing something so much more exciting! ” My face perked when she said that. I’m not bad at writing music, but it’s not a personal favourite. Miss Olamide smiled at us and she walked over to something that was covered in a dusty white blanket. And when she revealed what was underneath, it was truly beautiful……


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