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2022: Faces of Richest African Musicians and Net Worth

One of the fastest-growing music industries in the world is the African Music Industry. This is not far-fetched from the fact that the continent is blessed with so many talented.

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Most Influential Icons In Contemporary African Pop Culture

These days, Africa’s favourite idols harness the “currency of celebrity” to impact social change on many levels. They are the greatest influencers on African pop culture and their ideas, skills,.

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American/African musician, Akon Kicks Off #AkonLightingAfrica Project To Bring Electricity To 1 Million Homes In Africa

American/Senegalese born RnB singer Akon, in partnership with Give1Project and ADS Global Corporation SA, has initiated the project “Akon Lighting Africa” which aims to bring electricity to one (1) million households in Africa.

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