· Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) commits £3 million (about Sh8.91 billion) for the protection of fishes in the Indian Ocean Island of Pemba from environmental impacts.

· The United Kingdom-based firm will partner with other local institutions including the Institute of Marine Sciences in Zanzibar, Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute (Tafiri) and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Tanzanian office, to increase positive results of Ecosystem and climate change output in marine resources.

· The framework of the project is aimed at controlling weather changes that threaten mackerels, sardines and anchovies in the Indian Ocean in Zanzibar.

According to the project director, Dr Katya Popova, the project has been stipulated to last or four years to address situations and conditions that may affect fisheries through the use of adequate modelling, remote sensing, field observations and socio-economic studies
“As climate change is now considered a major threat in many sectors, we have dedicated the funds to the project as measures to manage its effects in the western Indian Ocean block. Zanzibar is our case study for Tanzania,” she said.