3,000 teachers from Kinondoni and Ubungo Municipal councils in Tanzania are set for promotion having been certified as meeting all the necessary criteria under the Teachers Service Commission Act No.25 of 2015 and government procedures.

Presenting a report to the Director for Employment, Ethics and Teachers Welfare from TSC headquarters on the procedures for teachers’ promotion in the municipal council, the Kinondoni District Assistant TSC Secretary, Mr Theobald Kilindo, disclosed that a total of 1,333 teachers have qualified for promotion in the district. He noted that the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), Kinondoni Municipal Council is in the final touches to issue official letters for promotion.

Mr Kilindo explained that a total of 1333 teachers were picked for promotion after their files were examined. Kinondoni Municipal council has a total of 2922 teachers for both primary and secondary schools, with 1939 teaching in primary schools and 983 teachings in secondary schools.

In Ubungo, the number lined up for promotion sums up to at least 1733 teachers, of which 1,152 are primary school teachers and 581 are secondary school teachers. The Municipal Council’s TSC Acting Assistant Secretary for Ubungo, Ms Florah Kapange, revealed that the council had a total of 2000 opportunities for promotion, however, only 1,733 teachers qualified for the promotion.

“After reviewing their files and analysing each document, we have realised that only 1,733 teachers qualify for promotions, therefore TSC has submitted the names of teachers who have qualified during the exercise,” she said.