The local shoe industry of Tanzania is about to be rebranded into an international brand, as the government is beginning to make efforts towards developing the industry into a mega factory.

In view of this, the government has received a huge support from the PPF Pensions Fund and Prisons institutions to invest in the industries until its completion in December 2019.

This innovation is a part of President Magufuli’s industrialisation vision, to boost the country’s economy and create employment for individuals in the country.

Affirming the assertion, Tanzania’s Minister of Finance and Planning, Dr. Philip Mpango said “It is a great privilege to visit the construction site of this leather factory, because we see on the ground, the government’s vision of becoming an industrialised country starting to take shape.”

Tanzania was known to be the second largest animal rearing country in the region, therefore it is certain to meet the increase in the demand for leather that comes with the new development, he added.